EXCLUSIVE: Lou Barletta’s Daughter’s Baby Daddy Was Homicide Fugitive And Cops Let Him Hide

Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Lou Barletta’s daughter’s ex-husband Gabriel Hernandez-Mendez was a vehicular homicide fugitive for 47 days after Hernandez-Mendez killed a 15-year old in a hit and run incident, NATIONAL FILE can exclusively reveal. Hernandez-Mendez is the father of Barletta’s grandchild with Barletta’s daughter Lindsey. The mayor of Hazleton is a Barletta protege named Jeff Cusat, and sources in the Hazleton Police Department complained about the way the suspect was not being pursued for 47 whole days. One insider told us: “Hazleton police HAD THE INFORMATION about Hernandez-Mendez’s whereabouts.”

Barletta, who previously served as mayor of Hazleton, is running for Governor of Pennsylvania as an establishment candidate in the Republican primary against numerous other candidates.

“The mayor was told to tell the police to hold the truck and to not go after the suspect involved in the hit and run,” one insider close to the situation told NATIONAL FILE, citing “my sources within the Hazleton Police Department.”

Another source told NATIONAL FILE: “He (Gabriel Hernandez-Mendez) did a hit and run. The kid obviously died. The truck still has not been recovered…I believe it was going to be covered up no matter, because Barletta is tight with mayor Jeff Cusat and Frank DeAndrea the ex-chief of police. Frank DeAndrea actually walked Gabriel Hernandez-Mendez in (for his surrender to police). I’m sure some calls were made ahead of time.”

Another source explained: “Former Hazleton police chief Frank DeAndrea somehow coaxed Hernandez-Mendez to turn himself in. Hazelton police told DeAndrea (about the case) because DeAndrea was inquiring. Hazelton police HAD THE INFORMATION about Hernandez-Mendez’s whereabouts. Current mayor Jeff Cusat was mentored by Lou Barletta. Cusat had cops keep it under wraps. People close to DeAndrea revealed all of this.”

NATIONAL FILE is the first news outlet to reveal the connection between Barletta and Hernandez-Mendez. The Times-Leader in Wilkes-Barre and other outlets chronicled the fact that Hernandez-Mendez was charged and pleaded guilty (without mentioning his connection to Barletta). According to the Times-Leader: “Police further obtained the license plate from footage of the Chevrolet that was registered to Hernandez-Mendez, according to court records.”

DeAndrea formerly worked for former mayor Joe Yannuzzi, who succeeded Barletta as mayor of Hazleton.

A third party source close to DeAndrea said that the White 2013 Silverado was “chopped up.”

Barletta has been photographed with a man identified by insiders as his daughter’s baby father Gabriel Hernandez-Mendez:


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