Fairfax County Plans Co-Ed Sex Classes Backed by Trans Lobby for 4th Graders

In Virginia, Fairfax County’s School Board is planning to begin teaching co-ed sex education classes for kids as young as 4th grade, under the name of “Family Life Education.” At a recent Fairfax County School Board meeting where the issue was discussed, a man who identifies as a woman and sits on the district’s LGBT pride board spoke in support of the idea, ridiculing parents opposed to the co-ed sex classes for children.

The topic of co-ed sex classes came up at a recent meeting of the Fairfax County School Board after an advisory committee approved the district’s plan to begin teaching sex-ed to mixed groups of boys and girls beginning as young as the fourth grade. While the plans will have to be voted on by the Democrat-dominated school board to become final, they are expected to be approved, and Fairfax County students will be expected to attend the classes from grades four through eight.

During a public comment session, the board was addressed by Willow Woycke, a biological man who identifies as a woman, in support of their plans for co-ed sex classes. Woycke has been at the forefront of pushing sexually-charged material and policy on to children through schooling and is president of the Transgender Education Association. Woycke is also a board member of FCPS Pride, a pro-LGBT group within Fairfax County Public Schools. His “transition” to womanhood has even been publicly profiled by his employer, Mitre Corp, a private non-profit deeply tied to the federal government.

After rattling off a list of preferred pronouns, Woycke came out in staunch support of the plan, claiming that the co-ed sex classes will not only “help trans students,” but help other kids learn about the body of their “future spouse.”

“I normally come to speak to you on making schools safer for trans, non-binary, and gender diverse students. Tonight, I will be talking to you about teaching FLE to mixed gender groups,” Woycke told the board. “While this will help trans students, it will also help cisgender and heterosexual students when they get older. Knowledge of your spouse’s body and how it functions is important,” Woycke said, before admitting moments later that he wants kids to learn “how sex happens.”

“The main criticism is that it makes students uncomfortable,” Woycke said of the board’s plans before ridiculing parents opposed to co-ed sex classes as being “afraid.”

“We have to ask ourselves, ‘why are students uncomfortable learning about their bodies?’ People who are afraid of FLE have the option to opt their children out. People who are afraid of FLE will always criticize what’s taught. No matter what is taught in FLE or how it’s taught, there are people who will object and will claim that the schools are teaching sex to children. Sexual health is not about the act of sex. It is about staying healthy and keeping yourself and those you love healthy.”

Watch the full comment session below:

Despite Woycke’s claims that FLE is “not about the act of sex,” his Twitter profile is full of posts advocating for sexually-charged school environments, including support for so-called drag queen story time programs, in which men dressed in drag read books to small children. Notably, multiple sex offenders have been caught using the programs to gain access to children.

Hey everyone look! It’s a Drag Queen Story time. Please support it… big fan of @CasaBruMar https://t.co/Q18ryQFWgP

— Willow Wookie (@Asocia1ist) September 25, 2020

In another Tweet, Woycke called a Fairfax County School Board member “dangerous” for being concerned about men claiming to be women and gaining access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms under pro-trans policies enacted by the district. As extensively reported on by National File, in neighboring Loudoun County, a biological male student who claimed to be a girl and was given access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms was criminally convicted of the serial rape of his female peers, prompting an investigation into the district and their alleged cover up of the rapes by state authorities.

Giving this woman power over students is dangerous. https://t.co/MUZXRWUCnE

— Willow Wookie (@Asocia1ist) January 14, 2022

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