Fairfax County Schools May Suspend Students Who ‘Misgender’ Classmates

Fairfax County Public Schools will overhaul its rulebook with a name and pronoun policy that punishes students who “deadname” or “misgender” those claiming to be trans and recommends up to a 5-day suspension from school as punishment.

The policy change in deep-blue Fairfax County comes as the district’s school board reviews its “Students’ Rights and Responsibilities” handbook, laying out disciplinary policies and, apparently, various left-wing social controls. In a new provision well-hidden inside the handbook, the district’s proposed pronoun and name policy compares using a student’s given name or biological pronouns to “using slurs” and committing a “malicious” act, before addressing how offenders will be punished.

According to the handbook, “using slurs based upon the actual or perceived gender identity (which includes, but is not limited to, malicious deadnaming or malicious misgendering),” will now be considered a level four offense, punishable by suspension and even a referral to the district’s Superintendent.

The new Fairfax County name and pronoun policy will be voted on at a May 26th meeting and is expected to become final. It comes as the district has also moved to begin teaching sex-ed classes to mixed-gender groups of 4th graders, in a plan ardently supported by the trans lobby and disguised under the name of “Family Life Education.” At a recent board meeting, a local trans activist and president of the Trans Education Association addressed the board on the matter, mocking parents opposed to the plans and saying that it is important that children learn in school “how sex happens” and about the “body” of their “future spouse.”

Fairfax County Public Schools are just the latest Northern Virginia district to embrace a radical, pro-trans agenda to be enforced on children. Last year, neighboring Loudoun County Schools made national headlines when a “gender-fluid” male in a skirt gained access to girls’ restrooms and raped multiple female peers. Additionally, the school enacted a radical trans pronoun policy that saw one teacher punished as a result of his deeply held Christian faith.

The Loudoun County School Board has been accused of covering up the district’s trans bathroom rapes to save political face, going as far as to arrest the father of a victim for demanding answers. Currently, the board is the subject of a special investigation.

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