Far-Left Extremists Target Catholic Churches in Response to Roe News

The leaked Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade has caused Catholic churches to become targets of left-wing extremists.

In Colorado, a Catholic church was spray painted with pro-abortion graffiti shortly after the Roe v. Wade news broke. Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder was tagged with messages such as “my body, my choice” and “keep your religion off our bodies,” while several windows were smashed, according to the Washington Times.

Mark Haas, spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Denver, said the church was vandalized last year with similar pro-abortion messages. The latest attack was likely fueled by the Roe news, Haas believes.

“We knew that the upcoming Supreme Court decision might lead to this again, so I can’t say we were entirely surprised this morning,” Haas told the Washington Times in an email. “We’ve certainly had internal discussions on simple ways parishes can improve their security.”

Mr. Haas said he has counted at least 30 incidents of vandalism, theft or property damage at the parish since February 2020.

“It is unfortunate that the attacks against our Catholic parishes have resumed, and very troubling when our parishioners show up for Mass to find their Church has been targeted,” said Haas. “We will continue to pray for the conversion of those who carry out acts of desecration against our churches, statues, and religious symbols.”

In New York, the NYPD announced that it would be beefing up its patrols outside the city’s Catholic churches. Roe-inspired pro-abortion demonstrations are scheduled to take place outside citywide churches across the weekend.

“Due to recent events surrounding the US Supreme Court document leak pertaining to Roe v. Wade, cops must have a heightened awareness while on patrol,” wrote the NYPD in a memo on Tuesday. “Special attention must be paid in the vicinity of the Catholic church especially during Sunday morning Mass.”

Joseph Zwilling, who serves as director of communications at the Archdiocese of New York, told The New York Post that the archdiocese also plans on increasing internal security over the weekend. “We are aware of the call for some kind of protest, and without going into specifics, will work with law enforcement and take appropriate steps as needed,” Zwilling said.

In addition, the far-left group “Ruth Sent Us” has called on its followers to storm Catholic churches over the weekend. “Whether you’re a ‘Catholic for Choice,’ ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe,” the group wrote in a tweet. “Stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sun May 8. #WarOnWomen #MothersDayStrike.”

Whether you’re a “Catholic for Choice”, ex-Catholic, of other or no faith, recognize that six extremist Catholics set out to overturn Roe. Stand at or in a local Catholic Church Sun May 8. #WarOnWomen #MothersDayStrike pic.twitter.com/v2vtpd12Gp

— Ruth Sent Us (@RuthSentUs) May 3, 2022

D.C. police have increased patrols around the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices after the “Ruth Sent Us” group published their addresses.

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