Fauci’s Xmas Twist: Doc Orders Vaxxed to ‘Stay Away’ From Unvaxxed, Unboosted at Christmas Parties

Anthony Fauci is now warning that those who are triple vaccinated – having received the original two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and a booster – should not mix with the unvaxxinated or unboosted at large holiday gatherings in a presentation delivered only three days before Christmas.

Fauci first said that he and other experts are being asked if it is safe for families to gather in small groups in home, assuming all those present have been triple vaccinated.

“As we get to the Christmas Holiday and the New Year’s [sic], would it be safe for individuals who are vaccinated, who are boosted, to get together with family in the setting of the home?”

“The answer to that is yes, an extra level of protection would be the testing,” said Fauci, suggesting families should exclude loved ones based on vaccination status and COVID-19 test results, or lack thereof.

He then stressed strongly that this is not the current guidance for large holiday gatherings, which could be plagued with unvaccinated attendees.

“But I want to make sure this is not confused with going to a large gathering,” admonished Fauci.

“There are many of these parties that have 30 to 40 to 50 people in which you do not know the vaccination status of individuals.”

“Those are the kind of functions,” the man who was once described as America’s doctor decreed, “that you do not want to go to.”

The longtime government employee then delivered his ultimatum: “Stay away.”

“To the extent possible,” said Fauci, “We urge you to stay away from those situations that could put you at a higher risk.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci on going to a large gathering/party (30-50 people) in which you do not know the vaccination status of individuals. “Those are the kind of functions in the context of COVID, and particularly in the context of Omicron, that you do not want to go to.” pic.twitter.com/VFPr7mEwfX

— CSPAN (@cspan) December 23, 2021

It is worth nothing that Fauci specifically said that Christmas parties should be avoided due to the potential presence of unvaccinated individuals because of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

This variant, meanwhile, has still not been confirmed to have killed anyone in the United States.

Leaked data from the United Kingdom suggests it is far more mild than the Delta variant.

Further, it appears to affect a “disproportionate” number of vaccinated people, according to Democrat California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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