FBI Claims It Lost HD Footage Of Rittenhouse Shooting, But Also Never Told Defense It Existed

Day one of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial included never before seen FBI footage. The FBI obtained aerial footage of the event with a bureau surveillance drone, which lead prosecutor Thomas Binger referenced in his opening statement. According to Human Events, the FBI allegedly obtained an HD version of the incident but never told the Rittenhouse defense it existed.

The grainy video was shown to the jury during the testimony of FBI agent Brandon Craimin, who helped capture the footage. However, the FBI also allegedly testified in private that they had obtained an HD version of the event that they did not provide to members of the defense.

When asked for a copy of the tape, the FBI allegedly denied the defense’s request, saying that the video no longer existed, according to Human Events. (READ MORE: New Footage Shows Moment Kyle Rittenhouse Was Attacked By Rosenbaum, Ziminski)

BREAKING: Human Events Daily has obtained never-before-seen FBI footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse Shootinghttps://t.co/QFAfI7mmJp pic.twitter.com/J8vOOoD3rg

— Jack Posobiec (@JackPosobiec) November 2, 2021

After prosecutors questioned Craimin about the aerial footage, the defense cross-examined the witness and asked for the tail number of the FBI plane. Prosecutors then objected. This prompted Judge Bruce Schroeder to sidebar the issue and discuss the aerial footage as jurors left the courtroom.

Lead Rittenhouse defense lawyer Mark Richards then said he believed that there was other FBI footage that was no longer available. He called it “preposterous” that the FBI supposedly lost the footage. (READ MORE: Prosecutor Claims Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Chased Down’ Joseph Rosenbaum Despite Video Showing The Opposite)

Schroeder eventually told prosecutors to call a different witness and that they would revisit the matter of the plane.

The Rittenhouse trial began this week and is expected to last no longer than around two weeks total.

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