FBI Follows And Questions Citizen Journalist Who Confronted Alleged Jan 6 Fed Informant Ray Epps

Kyle Clifton, one of two citizen journalists who confronted alleged January 6 Fed informant Ray Epps, tells NATIONAL FILE that his fellow citizen journalist was followed home from the grocery store by FBI agents and questioned about January 6. Accused federal informant Ray Epps encouraged people to go inside the Capitol on January 6.

“Ray Epps’ daughter reached out to me. She revealed some pretty interesting information. Just after that interview, my friend Greyson was approached by the FBI. He was followed home from the grocery store and they have knocked on his door. They are asking him about January 6. They seem to be asking general questions,” Kyle Clifton told NATIONAL FILE, noting, “They were fishing to see what we knew about Ray Epps.”

American patriots confront alleged Federal Informant Ray Epps about inciting violence on Jan 6.@kyleisbased@AmericanGreyson pic.twitter.com/oCnCxpGIEV

— Kyle Clifton (@kyleisbased) October 27, 2021

Ray Epps “We Need To Go Into The Capitol” Supercut!
via @DarrenJBeattie pic.twitter.com/kJSnNXHI7z

— SCUBA MIKE (@mescubamike) October 25, 2021


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