FDA Advisory Panel Unanimously Votes to Back mRNA COVID Jabs for Kids Under Five

An FDA advisory panel has unanimously voted to recommend COVID-19 jabs to kids under the age of five, the last age group still deemed “unprotected” against the Communist Chinese virus by the FDA.

The panel voted by a margin of 21-0 to approve two different versions of the COVID jab, one by Pfizer and one by Moderna, for American kids ages five and under, including babies. Both jabs are classified as mRNA vaccines, a controversial form of treatment that has been compared to or outright classified as a gene therapy by dissenting voices within the medical and scientific professions. Critics of mRNA vaccines have been especially vocal against their use in children, pointing to severe health problems that have arisen in some patients, especially young men, since mRNA treatments for COVID were rolled out in large numbers.

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As has been the case with other COVID jabs for other age groups, dosing protocols for kids under five vary, and are causing confusion and serious medical concerns before the vials have even hit pharmacy shelves. While both Pfizer and Moderna tested their drugs in two and three-shot regimens, both big pharma companies are claiming that three-shots work best, though patients and their parents can still opt to receive just two.

The number of shots is far from the only difference between the dosing protocols, with massive variations in the levels of drugs kids will receive should they opt for two or three jabs, as well as their overall dosing schedule.

Under the two-shot dosing schedule approved by the FDA advisory board, kids under the age of five will be given their jabs one month apart, with each containing an active vaccine dose of 25 micrograms.

Under the three-shot protocol, patients are given two three-microgram jabs within three weeks of one another, before waiting two months and returning for a third jab at the same dose.

While 49 of 50 states have reportedly pre-ordered massive quantities of COVID-19 jabs to be given to kids under the age of five as soon as their FDA approval is finalized and the rollout begins, Florida has not, with the DeSantis Administration blasting federal COVID and vaccine policy in the process, calling them “inconsistent and unsustainable.”

“The Florida Department of Health has made it clear to the federal government that states do not need to be involved in the convoluted vaccine distribution process, especially when the federal government has a track record of developing inconsistent and unsustainable COVID-19 policies,” Jeremy Redfern, the press secretary at Florida’s Department of Health says, adding that Florida’s Department of Health does not recommend the COVID vaccine to kids under 5five anyways.

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