FLASHBACK: Antifa Rioter Gage Grosskreutz Falls Off Chair During Zoom Court, Defense Team Can Barely Contain Laughter

As jury deliberations conclude without a verdict for the fourth straight day in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, video footage from the trial’s preliminary stage in December 2020 has been making the rounds on social media.

In the footage, Antifa-affiliated rioter Gaige Grosskreutz – who admitted under oath that he raised his weapon at Kyle Rittenhouse before being shot – abruptly drops out of frame as presumably his chair either collapses or he falls unceremoniously from his perch.

Defense attorney Mark Richards can be seen smiling in response to the incident, and defendant Kyle Rittenhouse ducks his head out of frame in an apparent attempt to keep from breaking out in laughter on camera in response to the humorous turn of events.

Throw back to that time a drunken #GaigeGrosskreutz’s chair collapsed while in zoom court and #KyleRittennhouse had to hide to pretend he wasn’t laughing out loud. pic.twitter.com/5QyLXqzOU7

— D a r t h C r y p t o (Can’t Keep me Down!) (@DefNotDarth) November 18, 2021

As National File previously reported, Grosskreutz would go on to admit on the stand that he was only shot by Rittenhouse after he advanced and pointed a Glock handgun at the teen:

When the witness disagreed with Chorafisi’s assertion that Rittenhouse only fired when Grosskreutz pointed his gun at the teen, the defense attorney asked him what he saw in the image. “That looks like my bicep being vaporized, yes,” the visibly emotional Grosskreutz admitted.

“And it’s being vaporized as you’re pointing your gun directly at him, yes?” the defense attorney pressed, drawing another affirmative admission from the witness. “Okay so, when you were standing three to five feet from him, with your arms up in the air, he never fired, right?” Chorafisi asked, drawing a “Correct” from Grosskreutz.

“It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at him, advanced on him, with your gun – now your hands down – pointed at him that he fired? Right?” Chorafisi asked. Grosskreutz responded, “Correct.”

At this point, the prosecution appeared to be devastated by this blow to their case, with junior prosecutor Krause holding his head in his hands.