Former CIA Director Gina Haspel Now Works With Trump Enemies Rod Rosenstein, Sally Yates At International Law Firm

President Donald Trump’s former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency is now working alongside his enemies Rod Rosenstein and Sally Yates at King & Spalding’s National Security and Corporate Espionage practice.

Gina Haspel, President Donald Trump’s former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), is now colleagues with Former United States Deputy Attorney Generals Rod Rosenstein and Sally Yates at King & Spalding’s National Security and Corporate Espionage practice, an international law firm.

According to her bio on King and Spalding’s website, Haspel “advises clients on globally significant projects, drawing on her unique experience as Director of the CIA to counsel clients on national security, information technology, cybersecurity and other issues.  In particular, she helps the firm’s corporate, private equity, family office and other global clients to assess and manage institutional risks.”

“Haspel joins Rod Rosenstein who famously took over the DOJ under Jeff Sessions and ran the corrupt and criminal Russia collusion sham.  Rosenstein signed a second scope memo to keep the investigation going even though there was no evidence to do so.  This was all an illegal effort to remove President Trump from office,” reported the Gateway Pundit.

“Sally Yates is also at King and Spalding where she works alongside Rosenstein in the Special Matters and Government Administrations group.  She is infamous for setting up General Michael Flynn in the first week of President Trump’s Administration.”

Rosenstein and Yates were directly and famously involved in the massive Obamagate and Spygate scandals, which saw federal intelligence agencies illegally spying on President Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign using bogus FISA warrants.

The scandals precedacted the famous Russian Collusion hoax, now known to be an illegal, coordinated effort to remove President Trump from office on the false premise that he “colluded” with the Russian government to win the Presidency.

Speaking exclusively to National File, Constitutional attorney with expertise on national security matters Ivan Raiklin, explained that the illegal spying saga amounted to an attempted coup d’état against President Trump, speculating on whether or not Haspel may have been involved.

“Sally Yates was the Attorney General while Rosenstein was Deputy Attorney General before she was fired for insubordination,” Raiklin said. “What was Gina Haspel’s role in operations Crossfire Hurricane and Crossfire Razor?”

“Haspel was in likely in league with same people that were instrumental in providing top cover to the illegal spying on the Trump campaign,” he added. “Now, they are back together, probably contemplating their next attack on America, because the January 6 anniversary was an absolute dud for the Communists.”

According to Raiklin, a growing number of Americans see through the mainstream narratives, recognizing that the federal government took active and perhaps illegal measures to get President Trump out of the White House on numerous occasions since the inception of his Presidency.

One of these measures, Raiklin explained, occurred during the events of January 6.

“59% of America knows that Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland others were murdered on January 6 and the numbers grow every day. More evidence is mounting to support the hypothesis that the FBI was involved with, and maybe even led the supposed ‘insurrection’ – marking the sixth attempted coup against President Trump that ultimately proved successful.”

Substantial evidence continues to mount indicating that the violence on January 6 was covertly animated by the federal government.

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