Former Hedge Fund CEO David McCormick Concedes to Dr. Oz in PA Senate Race

After a long post-election process that included a recount, former Bush Administration official and hedge fund CEO David McCormick conceded in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate primary. Dr. Mehmet Oz — who received an endorsement from former President Trump — said he received a “gracious” call from McCormick and will now focus on beating a far-left candidate in John Fetterman this November.

Army veteran Sean Parnell had initially secured Trump’s endorsement and appeared to be running away with the nomination, but he was eventually forced out of the race due to unfounded abuse allegations. After the race was left wide open, two well-funded candidates in McCormick and Oz hopped in the race, joining Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, Sean Gale and a handful of other candidates.

McCormick and Oz traded places atop most polls in the weeks leading up to election day, but a late surge from Kathy Barnette made it a three-person race with about ten days left.

A significant chunk of the America First electorate took issue with the past liberal statements and leanings of both Oz and McCormick, ultimately resulting in nearly 30% of the vote going to Barnette.

As results poured in, it became clear that the race was now going down to the wire between McCormick and Oz. After leading for most of election night, Oz took the lead after a solid showing in Bucks County.

The margin of victory was ultimately less than 1,000 votes for Oz, which placed the race in mandatory recount territory.

After the recount affirmed a victory for Dr. Oz, David McCormick called his opponent to concede the race and offer his support. “It’s now clear to me with the recount largely complete that we have a nominee,” McCormick said at a campaign party at a Pittsburgh hotel on Friday. “And today I called Mehmet Oz to congratulate him on his victory.”

Dr. Oz will now be facing current Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman for the open seat in November.

Fetterman — who has called for the filibuster to be abolished — has recently been suffering from a string of health issues. The Democrat hopeful suffered a stroke just before election day, though he has said he suffered no cognitive damage.

Fetterman’s cardiologist recently revealed that he has a heart condition that he has known about for years, however. While Oz and other GOP hopefuls have wished Fetterman well in terms of his health, the diagnosis could no doubt weigh heavily in November.

The Pennsylvania Senate race between Fetterman and Dr. Oz could become the most expensive in history. 2016’s Pennsylvania Senate race between Katie McGinty and the now retiring Pat Toomey held the top slot for most expensive U.S. Senate race in history for a brief time.

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