George Floyd’s 4-Year-Old Niece Shot While Sleeping In Crime Ridden Houston Neighborhood

The 4-year-old niece of deceased convicted criminal George Floyd was shot last Saturday night while she slept in her family’s Houston apartment.

Floyd’s family identified the 4-year-old as Floyd’s niece. Floyd lived in Houston for several years before moving to Minnesota to unsuccessfully start a life without drugs or crime.

The 4-year-old, Adrianna, was shot in the chest while asleep in her bed and required emergency medical intervention. Her lungs and liver were both punctured by the bullet, and three of her ribs were broken. She is currently in stable condition but remains hospitalized.

A suspect has not been captured or identified by police.

This is 4-year-old Arianna. She was front and center at the marches and rallies in her Uncle George Floyd’s case.

On Saturday around 3 a.m., her father tells me she was asleep in her bed when someone fired several shots at their apartment. Arianna was hit in her torso.

— Mycah Hatfield (@MycahABC13) January 4, 2022

Despite raising millions and receiving a $27 million dollar payout from the City of Minneapolis, the Floyd family lives in an apartment at 3322 Yellowstone Boulevard in Houston, according to police and local media. The apartment’s website reveals that it offers units between one and three bedrooms ranging between $680 and $1,148 per month.

Some reviews for the apartment complex claim that security has been an issue, with the security gate permanently left open.

A publicly available crime map reveals that there were 391 police reports made within a three mile radius of 3322 Yellowstone Boulevard during the month of December alone.

Expanding the radius to five miles results in more than 500 reports of crimes during the same time frame, the maximum number of reports able to be displayed by the LexisNexis powered Community Crime Map.

Between December 31, 2021 and January 2, 2022 – the weekend Floyd’s niece was shot – there were 32 police reports within the same three mile radius.

These include 12 instances of aggravated assault, four instances of burglary or breaking and entering, and three robberies, among other crimes.

The New York Post notes that Adrianna has been a Floyd family centerpiece at various rallies and public events, often traveling with her family as they demanded police reform and justice for the deceased Floyd.

Meanwhile, George Floyd’s nephew made headlines last year when he participated in an insurrection and stormed the Iowa State Capitol in his uncle’s name.

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