GERMANY: ‘Fully Vaxxed’ No Longer Enough, Citizens Must Get ‘Boosted’ Or Get Regular COVID Tests

Germany has announced more pandemic restrictions that require double-jabbed individuals to take COVID-19 tests before eating in restaurants and cafes. Triple-jabbed Germans are unaffected by the new rule.

Germany has announced a new set of pandemic restrictions amid a surge in COVID-19 infections, despite more than 70% of their population having been injected with coronavirus vaccines.

The new restrictions require individuals who have received two COVID-19 vaccine injections to take a coronavirus test in order to eat out at restaurants and cafes, according to Franziska Giffey, the Mayor of Berlin, at a federal press conference.

Those who have received three COVID-19 vaccine injections are not required to take the tests.

“The new restriction is intended as an incentive to get boosted,” Giffey said.

JUST IN – Germany enacts new Covid restrictions: Double vaccinated no longer allowed to enter cafes/restaurants without taking tests. Tests not required for the “boosted.”

— (@disclosetv) January 7, 2022

“It’s a strict rule, but it’s a necessary one that will help us better control infections [in the future] than is currently the case,”  said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, adding that the “best protection against omicron is a booster vaccination.”

According to the Robert Koch Institute, Germany has seen 64,340 new coronavirus infections.

National File recently reported on RKI data, which found 96% of those affected by the Omicron variant were “fully vaccinated” people, including triple vaccinated people, while unvaccinated people remained largely unscathed by the newly discovered strain.

A few days later, Germany “updated” their data, which brought that number to 78% – indicating that a clear and overwhelming majority of Omicron cases were still found in vaccinated individuals when compared to the unvaccinated.

The RKI data was unsatisfactory, however, for Facebook fact-checkers, who insisted that 78% did not constitute a “majority.”

As 78 is greater than 51, the team of C+ math students at National File sees fit to judge this as a clear and overwhelming majority. Lead Stories disagrees.