GERMANY: Those Seeking Euthanasia Must Be Vaccinated Against COVID

Anyone in Germany who wishes to undergo euthanasia will now be required to be vaccinated for coronavirus or have proof of recovering from it in order to be “treated.”

In a statement, the German euthanasia association argued that because both the act of euthanasia and the need to assess the “patient’s” mental capacity to decide whether they want to undergo the “treatment” necessitates close contact between individuals, new restrictions must be imposed, as such close contact is a “breeding ground” for the spread of coronavirus.

Like other areas of life in German-speaking countries, the 2G rule has now been implemented for euthanasia. The G rules, applied in both Germany and Austria, refer to either being vaccinated for coronavirus, having proof of recovery, or being tested.  With the previously wide-spread 3G rule, a negative PCR test was enough to pass safety requirements. The 2G rule, however, does not include testing, with only the former two categories of vaccination and recovery being accepted.

The 2G coronavirus rule has now become far more common across both Germany and Austria in recent weeks, with the unvaccinated being banned from museums, restaurants, and other such public places; it is unclear whether the recent extension to euthanasia centres suggest further “healthcare” restrictions to anyone not with the vaccine or proof of recovery.

Any individual seeking to be euthanized must have had the covid vaccination according to new guidelines issued by Germany’s Euthanasia Association.

— Apex World News (@apexworldnews) November 25, 2021

Euthanasia has been legal in Germany since February last year, after the German supreme court declared a ban on it was unconstitutional.

Angela Merkel, the outgoing German chancellor, announced the imposition of the recent harsher restrictions following a meeting between her and the 16 heads of the German state governments earlier this month, declaring that the coronavirus pandemic is “dramatically” worsening.

Healthcare Minister Jens Spahn was even more polemic in his assessment of the situation, arguing that “by the end of this winter everyone in Germany will either be vaccinated, recovered or dead,” as he pushed for an increased rollout of the Pfizer jabs to the over one third of Germans who have yet to take the vaccine.

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