Half-Naked Man Teaches Child to Pole Dance at PA Pride Event

Last Updated on August 6, 2022

A disturbing video from a recent pride parade in Pennsylvania shows a half-naked man teaching a young boy how to pole dance. The event received a $10,000 grant from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, a Democrat.

The viral video, which was shared by Libs of Tik Tok, shows a shirtless man instructing a young boy, who was wearing a rainbow tutu and headband, how to pole dance. Onlookers could be heard cheering the lesson on while the man congratulates the child.

“Central PA Pride had a pole set up with an amazing instructor to assist,” reads the caption. “My kiddo is a natural!”

Last month, Governor Wolf announced the recipients of the PA Pride Community Grant program, which “supports Pride festivals and events throughout the commonwealth through September 2022.”

17 events and organizations ultimately received the grants, including the Central PA Pride Festival, where the video is believed to have been filmed. The Central PA Pride Festival, specifically, received $10,000 from the grant program, according to Breitbart News.

“The PA Pride Community Grant Program reaffirms our commitment to bringing visibility to the LGBTQ+ community and creating a more inclusive commonwealth,” Carrie Fischer Lepore, deputy secretary for Marketing, Tourism and Film with the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED), said in a statement at the time. She added that these events are “uplifting” for “LGBT youth.”

“Uplifting events and festivals that celebrate belonging, accessibility and inclusion sends the message that in Pennsylvania, all are welcome to pursue their happiness,” she added.

Governor Wolf also wrote a letter, specifically expressing support for the Pride Festival of Central Pennsylvania. Wolf praised the event as a time to “promote self-affirmation, dignity, and equality, and to minimize communities.”

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