High-Ranking PlayStation Executive Terminated After Allegedly Appearing In Pedophile Sting Video

Senior Vice President of Sony, George Cacioppo, has been fired after footage of him was allegedly released on a YouTube channel that exposes pedophiles. The team makes fake accounts pretending to be underaged children, and then makes videos of the one-on one encounters with the alleged pedophiles, often resulting in police arrests.

Cacioppo allegedly instigated a relationship with a decoy who presented themself as a 15-year-old boy over the Grindr application. Grindr is a dating application which bills itself as “the world’s largest social networking app for gay, bi, trans, and queer people.”

Cacioppo was working in the PlayStation Network division of the Sony company, and was terminated after the publication of the People v. Preds video went live on December 3rd 2021. Sony expressed in a email statement this past Sunday, “we are aware of the situation and the employee in question has been terminated from employment.”

Additionally the group who produces People v Preds published alleged screenshots from the Grindr chats between Cacioppo and the 15-year-old decoy.


In these Screenshots, Cacioppo allegedly advertises himself under the title “Giving head,” and “ Hosting BJ 4U 47.” Referring to himself as “Jeff.” Cacioppo’s alleged profile lists all personal information from height and ethnicity, pronouns, time available to meet, where he would meet someone, the fact that he will accept pics that are “NSFW” or not safe for work, HIV status.

According to this screenshot Cacioppo allegedly also makes sure to include in his ad that he has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

The rest of the files include two sets of dialog detailing where the person alleged to be Cacioppo acknowledges that the person he is planning a sexual encounter with is 15-years-old boy, there are sexual pictures exchanged and plans made to meet up at 4AM.

The screenshots then show the conversation moving to text as they plan meeting up at the home of Cacioppo. The decoy requests an address in order to be able to call an Uber.

In the video produced by People v. Preds as requested in the Grindr chat, the man who is alleged to be Cacioppo meets the supposed 15-year-old outside his front door. In the video it appears that Cacioppo realizes there is a person with a video camera, and quickly retreats inside after being identified as “Jeff.”

The videographer from People v. Preds then starts to announce loudly to the neighborhood that the man he was trying to talk had invited over a 15-year-old boy for oral sex. When that didn’t work to get the man alleged to be Cacioppo to come out and talk , the decoy announced the police were being called.

People v. Preds reportedly sent all of this information over to the San Diego County District Attorney.