Illegal Alien Minors From Mexico Receive ‘LGBTQ’ Themed Piñatas At New York Orphanage

Illegal alien minors are apparently being trafficked through Pennsylvania by the Biden regime before ultimately arriving New York orphanage, where they are subject to LGBTQ orientation featuring “affirming” piñatas.

Last week, National File reported that hundreds migrants landed at Pennsylvania’s Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport, including on Christmas Day. After arriving, they were reportedly loaded on buses and sent to unknown locations. According to GOP lawmakers, the Biden administration did not make anyone aware of the transfers, leading some to classify them as “ghost flights.”

In response to the shocking reports, Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf dismissed the situation by claiming that the illegal aliens were simply children “passing through” the state.

Some of Wolf’s claims seem to have been proved untrue, as at least one illegal alien was found to be a potential match on a man wanted for murder in Mexico, who was seen deboarding one of the flights in Pennsylvania, according to reports.

Hundreds of flights have been chartered from the U.S. Southern border to various states across the country through “World Atlantic” airlines.

Now it has been reported that illegal alien minors are being shipped to an adoption facility known as MercyFirst in Syosset, New York.

At MercyFirst, the illegal alien minors – children ages six through 12 – are then subject to LGBTQ orientation, including “student led” LGBTQ exercises that involve using piñatas filled with “affirming notes” that students reveal to each other.

Mercy First Illegal alien LGBTQ “meeting” where children are subject to the ideology after being shipped to New York from the US-Mexico border. SOURCE: Gateway Pundit / Facebook

The President and CEO of MercyFirst is a woman named Renee Skolaski, who has been in charge since May of 2021, formerly worked with Hedge Funds Care.

The illegal immigrant pipeline appears to be a key issue for Pennsylvania Republicans.

“All you folks who were out there trying to travel for the holidays and couldn’t travel with all the commercial flights being cancelled; boy they can find pilots to fly illegals around the country, unmasked,” said Teddy Daniels, a Republican running for U.S. House in Pennsylvania.

“It seems you have more rights and privileges in this country if you come here illegally. Screw the people who built this country.”

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