Independence Day: CNN, ESPN Sow Division, Bash Americans

Last Updated on July 5, 2022

Corporate media outlets CNN and ESPN are celebrating the Fourth of July this year by bashing America, claiming that the nation’s birthday has lost its meaning and significance in the wake of left-wing political losses. The anti-American themes match those of other left-wingers this Independence Day, like the Arizona Democrats, who promoted a “F**K the Fourth” event on their official Twitter page ahead of the holiday.

In a pair of Fourth of July op-eds published on the websites of their respective corporate media outlets, ESPN’s Howard Bryant and CNN’s Stephen Collinson bashed America, seizing upon left-wing narratives surrounding key political issues to sow division.

CNN’s Collinson, who on July 1st claimed that “the Supreme Court’s conservative majority is a threat to the world,” wrote in his Independence Day piece that “US democracy is still fighting for its survival,” this July Fourth. According to Collinson, this is all thanks to 45th President Donald J. Trump, his supporters, and a flurry of Supreme Court decisions reinforcing the 2nd Amendment and allowing states to protect their most vulnerable – the unborn.

“A flurry” of state voting laws to secure elections and maintain the integrity of American democracy “harken[s] back to a poisoned era of racial repression,” Collinson went on to write, bemoaning that this Fourth of July, “liberals” are “dissatisfied with the results of their narrow monopoly on political power in Biden’s Washington,” apparently ruining the entire holiday for them as a result.

Over at ESPN, the far-left sports network, Howard Bryant offered up a scathing opinion of his own on America’s birthday, writing that displays of American patriotism just went too far at some point in the Fourth’s history, and that “by now, we’re all numb to the spectacle.”

“July 4, 2022, falls in the midst of devastation,” Bryant went on to write, lamenting, like Collinson, the Supreme Court, and conservative Americans. “It is Independence Day in America with independence under current and relentless assault,” Bryant wrote, going on to link the American flag to “white nationalists” and incorporate the January 6th demonstrations, Collin Kaepernick’s naysayers, and the recent Roe decision into his distaste for the Fourth of July.

The anti-Fourth theme expressed by CNN, ESPN, and a host of other corporate media outlets is part of a growing and public turn against the holiday by many on the political left. This year, pro-abortion activists have been at the forefront of the movement against America’s birthday, holding boycotts and claiming, as one Alabama abortion activist says, “there is nothing worth celebrating.”

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