‘Inspires a Generation of Women’: CNN Runs Five-Minute Segment on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Hair

CNN ran a bizarre five-minute-long segment on Biden Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair, saying that it “inspires a generation of women” as it helps her not only change the “image of justice” but also the “image of beauty.”

The CNN segment on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair came as the network covered her confirmation hearings in the US Senate. Jackson, who was nominated by Joe Biden after he promised the race-centric left he would choose a black woman for the Supreme Court, will be first black woman to sit on the high court if confirmed, something CNN says is being made all the more historic by her hairdo.

“Judge Jackson isn’t only changing the image of justice, but the image of beauty,” reported CNN correspondent Adrienne Broaddus as she began the segment, which also focused on Jackson’s first name and featured interviews in a Chicago hair salon. The customers, who were black women, described feeling “empowered’ by seeing Jackson’s hair and hearing her name as they watched the hearings on their cell phones with CNN.

“That’s empowerment! That’s empowering!” a Chicago stylist told CNN of the hearing footage.

“She stands for the essence and the embodiment of blackness,” Chicago mother Ida Nelson told CNN in another featured interview.

CNN’s segment on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hair also pitted Republican Senators and others concerned with her actual judicial record, which includes letting pedophiles off easy, as racists who just don’t “get it,” contrasting their questions on her judicial a statement from far-left Rep. Ayanna Pressley calling Jackson’s hair “powerful.”

“It’s always been the straighter the prettier,” CNN correspondent Adrienne Broaddus said as she ended the segment with a monologue seeming to claim that Jackson’s confirmation hearings have signaled an end to white women being considered beautiful. “Hair is loaded with so many messages. It has the power to dictate how others treat you and how you feel about yourself,” she said, failing to ever provide any information regarding Jackson’s judicial record.

CNN runs 5 min segment celebrating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s hairstyle: “Judge Jackson isn’t only changing the image of justice, but the image of beauty.” pic.twitter.com/f0KRfFspo0

— Tom Elliott (@tomselliott) March 28, 2022


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