Jackie Speier Works With Groups Tied To Pedophilia And Men Who Were Caught In A Child Brothel Bust

Democrat California U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier, who has been trying to subvert the military for the left, is leaving Congress at the conclusion of her term. Records first reported here in this article by NATIONAL FILE show that Speier has worked with and promoted multiple organizations tied to pedophilia in California — including the pedophile-designed child welfare group that rents office space from Nancy Pelosi. Speier also works with sheriffs who were found in an illegal child brothel in Las Vegas during a sting operation called “Operation Dollhouse,” and one of those sheriffs is on the board of one of the Speier-linked child groups tied to pedophilia. Behold the brazen corruption in California, where child sex trafficking runs rampant and where the state does not even send out Amber alerts for missing foster care children, all of whom get labeled as “runaways” and many of whom end up living in the human-trafficking criminal underworld.

Jackie Speier Has Worked With San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks And Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos Including After The Pair Were Found In An Illegal Child Brothel in Las Vegas

A report compiled on “DOMESTIC MINOR SEX TRAFFICKING” in Las Vegas prepared by the group Shared Hope International stated: “Similarly, in April 2007, there was minimal local coverage in Las Vegas when the San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks and his undersheriff were found at an illegal brothel during Operation Dollhouse and allowed to leave the scene without arrest. Media seemed to accept without question the response of Sheriff Munks when he stated that he thought the establishment, located in a private home in Clark County, was a “legitimate business.” Additionally, most media failed to highlight in their coverage of Operation Dollhouse that minors were also found among the prostituted women in one of the illegally operating brothels. The message to tourists and residents was that law enforcement and media are less inclined to deter the problem by addressing it through a demand perspective.”

Here is what is publicly available of the Las Vegas police report on the Operation Dollhouse bust.

“Speiers and Eshoo both claimed they wanted an investigation, but that was fake. Neither came out to demand that Bolanos not be elected as sheriff. Some people said that they backed off and then went and worked with Munks and Bolanos because they needed the donations and votes from the law enforcement union,” said a source to NATIONAL FILE. “Speier went on to work with both Munks and Bolanos, but treated Trump like dirt.” It turns out that Jackie Speier participated in a Gun Buy Back with Greg Munks. Look at some footage of the Jackie Speier Gun Buyback He Held with Greg Munks.

The First 5 Connection

Democrat congresswoman Jackie Speier praised a group tied to pedophilia on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Jackie Speier congratulated Jim Fox on his work with the group now known as First 5 San Mateo County, where Fox worked directly with a monstrous pedophile named Dr. William Ayres. Speier praised First 5 San Mateo County on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives using names that represented the group including San Mateo “Family First Commission” and “First 5.” As we reported: Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi personally rents office space to a child welfare group, First 5 San Mateo County, that was set up by a convicted pedophile. The group partners with a nonprofit that ran a group house where child molestation occurred and partners with a conflict resolution center that had a volunteer convicted for storing hundreds of images of child porn. NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained the lease documents showing that Nancy Pelosi is the group’s landlady dating back to 2002, the same year monstrous pedophile Dr. William Ayres was given an award by city politicians for his work with the group. By that time, numerous pedophilia allegations including a police report had been made against Ayres, who was later convicted on pedophilia charges in 2007 and died in prison.

First 5 is a statewide supposed child welfare group in California that was previously chaired on a state level by Rob Reiner, and is funded with cigarette tax money. California is in the middle of a massive crisis involving child sex trafficking allegations and pedophilia arrests in the Child Protective Services (CPS)/foster care system. In fact, California does not even send out an Amber alert for missing foster care children, instead counting them all as runaways. San Mateo County, where pedophile Ayres set up the local First 5 chapter that calls Pelosi landlady, is arguably the center of the child sex trafficking crisis in California. Nancy Pelosi spends a lot of time in San Mateo due to her friendship with San Mateo lawyer and Democrat fundraiser Joe Cotchett. Cotchett, who is picking federal judges for the Biden administration, and was accused by his ex-wife in his divorce case of physically assaulting his children and being nude around his daughters. A partner in Cotchett’s law firm protects judges from her perch on the Commission on Judicial Performance.

Our source explained, “Pedophile Dr. William Ayres served with former San Mateo County District Attorney Jim Fox and former San Mateo County Supervisor Richard Gordon on the San Mateo County Children and Families First Commission (now called the First 5) in the early 2000s. Ayres designed the group in San Mateo. Rich Gordon was instrumental in having Ayres employed by the commission and honoring him with the lifetime achievement award. After his time on the board of supervisors in San Mateo, Democrat Rich Gordon became an assemblyman in Sacramento. There were red flags about Ayres for decades. I believe that First 5 knew because there is a broad representation on the commission.” Here is Jackie Speier speaking on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives:

First 5 San Mateo County partners with a group called StarVista, a nonprofit that runs a group home where a counselor was convicted of molesting children. Assemblyman Rich Gordon, who worked with Ayres at San Mateo First 5 and led First 5 meetings in the office space the group rents from Pelosi, also works with StarVista.

Jackie Speier promoted StarVista, and praised StarVista on the floor of Congress. According to the congressional record: “HON. JACKIE SPEIER OF CALIFORNIA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Friday, October 12, 2012: Ms. SPEIER. “Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor Michael Garb for his 20 years of service as the CEO and board member of StarVista, an outstanding non-profit organization in San Mateo County that transforms the lives of children, youths, adults and families. Michael embraces StarVista’s philosophy that building strong and healthy communities begins with helping each individual to develop his or her own path to personal growth.”

Carlos Bolanos, one of the San Mateo law enforcement men caught in the child brothel in Operation Dollhouse, is a board member of StarVista. Bolanos took over as San Mateo County Sheriff after Greg Munks.

“Speier’s friend Garb is involved in StarVista, Your House South and First 5 San Mateo,” our source said.


Assemblyman Rich Gordon was keynote speaker at StarVista’s breakfast in 2012 and praised StarVista. Rich Gordon also led the creation of the StarVista’s “Daybreak” program. StarVista runs the Your House South program. StarVista explains: “StarVista’s Your House South program provides a ‘break’ for young people experiencing conflict within their families, and an opportunity to work on the family’s situation.” In 2019, a man was sentenced to eight years behind bars for child molestation stemming from his time as a Your House South counselor.

In 2018, Patch reported (emphasis added): “Caceres was a counselor at Your House South, a group home run by the nonprofit StarVista, and had sex with a then-14-year-old girl there starting in December 2016, prosecutors said. After he was arrested in January 2017, another girl who was 13 at the time and lived at the same group home also came forward and said she was a victim of Caceres, leading to additional charges being filed against him, according to the district attorney’s office.”

Former San Mateo County chief probation officer Stuart Forrest was caught with 470 naked boy pictures and convicted in 2013 for child porn. Forrest reportedly knew Dr. William Ayres for years, from a period in which Forrest worked at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, where Ayres conducted sessions with boys, according to insiders. As of 2009, Stuart Forrest was identified as a volunteer at Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. First 5 San Mateo County identifies Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center as a “valuable partner” in its internal materials (page 2).

In November 2020, Michelle Vilchez was interviewed in her role as executive director of the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center. Guess what her background is? She worked on developing the strategic plan for First 5 County San Mateo. Dr. William Ayres also worked on developing that strategic plan.

As for Stuart Forrest. According to the East Bay Times: “Forrest also told the jury that he had searched for child pornography and ordered the videos to help his department develop a system for detecting human trafficking, including children exploited for pornography. He said he became interested in the subject after attending a conference hosted by Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Hillsborough, around 2009.”

Forrest, ex-probation chief for San Mateo County, guilty of child porn charges


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