Jarome Bell Roasts ‘Communist’ Democrats, Establishment-Backed Jen Kiggans in Fiery Radio Interview

Virginia House candidate Jarome Bell roasted “communist” Democrats and his establishment-backed primary opponent, Jen Kiggans, in a hard-charging Saturday morning interview with Breitbart Radioand vowed to help make Virginia “America First again.”

Speaking with show host Matt Boyle, Jarome Bell wasted no time in getting down to business and eviscerating the radical left, noting that his campaign will reintroduce terms like “commie” and “communist” to the American people because “that’s exactly what these Democrats are.”

“I’m the only one bold enough to do to that,” Bell said. “Because these people, they are violent, revolutionary, Bolshevik communists and it’s stuff this nation did not use to tolerate and it’s time we stop tolerating their bull squeeze,” he continued. “Republicans need leaders like me. Trump’s gone. We need strong leaders, vocal leaders, tough leaders to pick up the Trump mantle of America First and carry it forward and that’s what I bring to the table over probably any of the establishment candidates they can try to run at me.”

Bell, who served 27-years in the United States Navy, retiring with the rank of Chief Petty Officer, elaborated during the interview on his military service. Virginia’s 2nd District is home to Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval installation in the world, where Bell finished out his decorated career as a member of the Admiral’s Staff of the U.S. Fleet Command.

Listen to Jarome Bell’s full interview:

According to Bell, the most satisfying position he held in the Navy was running maintenance control for fixed-wing aircraft, ensuring the military planes were “safe for flight” and ready for action. At times, the planes flew between 500 and 1,000 passengers at a time and transported cargo all over the globe.

“It started early my career, taking care of people’s lives and making sure people got home to their families,” said Bell.

Now, he says he will make all of Virginia’s 2nd District “safe for flight” and let the people know that with Jarome Bell in Congress, they’ll have an America First fighter working on their behalf in Washington.

“I want to make Virginia’s 2nd District safe for flight,” Bell told Boyle. “I want to make sure people in the cities of Virginia know they have someone fighting for them in D.C. and understand that Virginia is going to be red again, Virginia is going to be for the people, and Virginia is going to be America First again.”

“That’s a pretty clear vision here,” show host Matt Boyle remarked to Bell, before bringing up his primary race opponent in Virginia’s 2nd, current GOP State Senator Jen Kiggans. Despite enjoying the backing of the GOP establishment and corporate media outlets like Fox News, Kiggans has lost her status as a “frontrunner” for the GOP nomination, in large part due to Bell’s efforts to expose her left-wing voting record.

As a member of the Virginia State Senate, Kiggans has sided with the left on a multitude of issues, from opening girls’ restrooms up to men via the Virginia Values Act to abstaining from a vote that would have blocked municipalities from forcing their employees to be injected with the experimental COVID-19 jab, just to earn a living. Kiggans even told The Washington Post that in running for Congress, she will employ the twice defeated strategy of ex-GOP establishment Representative Scott Taylor.

“My dad told me a long time ago,” Bell said, “if a person shows you who they are, believe them!”

“If you’re looking at Jen Kiggans’ voting record you need to believe that voting record because that’s who she is. She’s a progressive — I believe she’s liberal — and she’s one of the people, one of the Republicans all across America from Virginia to Texas to Arkansas, that are caving to the radical leftist agenda,” continued Bell. “And we can’t have that.”

Bell went on to further drill down on Kiggans and her establishment peers, warning that “radical, anti-Christian, BLM commies and AntiFa weirdos, and literal terrorists are fighting to turn over the entire American way of life,” and that now is no time to be electing “weak Republicans” to higher office.

“They want to finish off America,” warned Bell.

As the interview began to wind down, Bell appealed directly to the people of Virginia’s 2nd District.

“To the people of the 2nd District, if you can hear this message, if you’re listening to this, I promise, I will never lead us down that road to destruction of who we are as a people!” Bell said.

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