Jen Kiggans Silent as Jarome Bell Backs Monique Miles, Freedom of Speech Against GOP Establishment Cancel Culture

America First House Candidate Jarome Bell is coming out in strong support of the First Amendment, backing embattled former Deputy Attorney General of Virginia, Monique Miles, after she was forced out of the Virginia AG’s office by the GOP establishment for calling anti-election fraud demonstrators “patriots.”

Monique Miles was serving as a Deputy Attorney General under newly-minted Virginia AG Jason Miyares – a Republican – until a Washington Post hit piece profiling a Facebook post she made on January 6th, 2021 led to her early exit from office. While initial reports stated that Miles had resigned, a subsequent report in which Miles was directly consulted reveals that she was actually forced out of her position, leading to accusations from conservatives that the far-left Washington Post is setting personnel policy at the Miyares Attorney General’s Office and that Miyares, who has close ties to the GOP establishment, is participating in the GOP’s own version of “cancel culture.”

“News Flash: Patriots have stormed the Capitol,” Miles posted to Facebook, as anti-election fraud demonstrators took to DC’s Capitol Hill. “No surprise. The deep state has awoken the sleeping giant. Patriots are not taking this lying down. We are awake, ready, and will fight for our rights by any means necessary,” read Miles’ Facebook entry, which was screenshot and published by The Washington Post.

Amidst the cancellation of Miles by a GOP Attorney General and liberal media, 2nd District U.S. House Candidate, Jarome Bell, threw his support behind her. Others on Virginia’s political scene, including Bell’s GOP Primary opponent Jen Kiggans, have remained silent, apparently placing loyalty to the GOP establishment over the sanctity of American elections and free speech.

“Monique Miles was basically forced to resign over her freedom of speech,” Bell said of the resignation during a live stream, going on to read her post aloud to viewers and say that Monique Miles “is a person that’s standing up for the Constitution of the United States,” something Bell, a former Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy, knows an awful lot about.

“That sounds like a person to me that is standing up for Americans!” Bell reinforced, going on to blast Kevin McCarthy and the GOP establishment, who have recently caved to pressure from liberal corporate media and have turned on 1/6 demonstrators, with McCarthy now labeling the event a violent insurrection.

“If January 6th was a violent insurrection, then I am a white man,” Bell, who is black, said of McCarthy parroting left-wing 1/6 talking points.

In Bell’s primary race, his opponent Jen Kiggans has been backed and bankrolled by Kevin McCarthy, after vowing to support him for Speaker of the House. She’s been blasted throughout the primary season by the voters and by Bell alike for her close ties to the GOP establishment, far-left voting record, and routine silence on issues of election integrity. Kiggans has repeatedly acknowledged Joe Biden as a duly elected President of the United States and has refused to back a Trump 2024 campaign. She’s even voted with Democrats to weaken Virginia’s election integrity laws.

“What happened to Deputy AG Monique Miles was a travesty and all patriots and all conservatives should be demanding that she gets her job back from Jason Miyares,” Bell said, challenging Jen Kiggans and the GOP establishment to hop on board with his defense of the Constitution. “We should be demanding that he stand and support her First Amendment rights…and reinstate her immediately if she wants it.”

National File reached out to the Attorney General of Virginia’s office for comment on this story and specifically asked whether or not The Washington Post is determining personnel policy on behalf of Republican AG Jason Miyares, but received no response.

Watch Jarome Bell’s full live stream here.




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