Jen Kiggans Voted YES on ERA, Abortion on Demand

Jen Kiggans voted “yes” on ratifying the so-called Equal Rights Amendment to enshrine abortion on demand in the US Constitution, siding with Democrats when the amendment was ratified in Virginia’s State Senate in 2020. Though the ERA did not meet deadlines for ratification way back in the 1970s and was widely considered obsolete by 2020, Virginia’s ratification has led to the Biden Administration and other Democrats attempting to ram it into the US Constitution anyways. Their quest to enshrine the ERA has become all the more urgent in recent days after a draft opinion from the Supreme Court was leaked that potentially signaled an end to Roe v. Wade.

Kiggans sided with Democrats on the ERA shortly after taking office in 2020, despite winning the 2019 election in Virginia’s 7th Senate District by running as a conservative Republican. Kiggans even opposed the ERA while on the campaign trail.

When she flip-flopped and cast her yes vote, which made Virginia the 38th state to ratify the amendment and setting the stage for a massive constitutional showdown regarding redundancy, deadlines, and much more, feminists from around the country poured into Richmond to witness the historic moment, many wearing old pro-ERA sashes and carrying signs emblazoned with slogans like “Abortion on Demand!”

While Kiggans admitted during a floor speech on the ERA that women didn’t need the amendment championed by the radical left to accomplish anything, she said that it had “symbolic value” and voted for it anyway.

Following the leak of a draft opinion by the Supreme Court potentially paving the way for a reversal of the court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, renewed interest on the left has been applied to the ERA and Virginia’s ratification of it. Some in the Biden Administration and Congress claim that due to Virginia’s ratification, the amendment is already in effect and could combat the Supreme Court’s potential reversal of the Roe decision as the ERA could be used to enforce abortion legality nationwide and even to force taxpayers to fund it.

“The ERA would reinforce the constitutional right to abortion by clarifying that the sexes have equal rights, which would require judges to strike down anti-abortion laws,” says NARAL Pro-Choice, a pro-abortion advocacy group that militantly supports the ERA.

Though the primary day is quickly approaching in Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District, where Kiggans is seeking the GOP nomination to Congress, she’s been quiet across her social media campaign accounts in the aftermath of the Supreme Court leak, saying nothing on the issue one way or another. Kiggans, whose campaign is being backed and bankrolled by establishment leaders Kevin McCarthy and Elise Stefanik has previously been mocked by the GOP base for her often delayed and “consultant-driven” responses to key issues, as well as by her front-running primary opponent, Jarome Bell, the America First candidate in the race who is endorsed by General Flynn. 

At a recent candidate forum, which Kiggans refused to attend, sending an ex-GOP establishment Congresswoman in her place, Bell roasted her far-left voting record and support for the Democrats’ anti-family agenda, remarking that Kiggans has never seen a far-left bill she doesn’t like.

The winner of Virginia’s 2nd District GOP Primary, set for June 21st, will face incumbent Democrat Elaine Luria in the November midterms. Luria, who no longer even lives in the 2nd District, is a close ally of Nancy Pelosi who sits on the 1/6 Committee, and has been exposed for having deep financial ties to Chinese Communist espionage entities.

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