Jen Psaki Blames the ‘Greed of Meat Conglomerates’ for Increased Grocery Prices, Biden’s Inflation

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during press conference this week that the “greed of meat conglomerates” is to blame for the increased cost of groceries under the Biden Regime, as inflation for American consumers hits record highs.

Psaki blamed the issue on supposedly greedy meat conglomerates when pressed on the Biden Regime’s dismal economic performance and rising inflation numbers. Inflation has risen to 6.8% this week, marking a 39-year high after several left-wing money spending and printing sprees.

“The President, the Secretary of Agriculture have both spoken to what we’ve seen as the greed of meat conglomerates,” Psaki said of the severe grocery price jumps while failing to name any of the conglomerates responsible.

“That is an area – one where people go to the grocery store and they’re trying to buy a pound of meat, two pounds of meat, ten pounds of meat,” Psaki continued before explaining that “the prices are higher.”

“You could call it corporate greed,” she went on to say, deflecting blame away from the White House.

“Sure. You could call it jacking up prices during a pandemic,” she said, neglecting to mention that economic experts also blame the Regime’s policy of shutting down pipelines and fuel mining operations for increasing the price of transporting goods to stores, which along with inflation has helped result in higher price tags.

In concert with price increases, shortages of food and regular home supplies have drawn comparisons to the Communist Soviet Union, where empty store shelves were a part of everyday life. The problem is so pronounced that some corporate media outlets have even suggested that Americans remove loved ones from their holiday guest lists to counteract the issue.

So much public outcry has been generated by the noticeable change in the average American’s quality of life that Joe Biden took to Twitter after Thanksgiving to celebrate the fact that America hadn’t run out of food amidst the crisis.

Beyond Biden’s economic issues and Jen Psaki’s meat conglomerate blame game, the left has spent much of recent years waging what some are calling a “war on meat.”

In addition to demonizing the meat industry and meat harvesting process, a massive swath of Democrat politicians and activists have backed legislation that would control meat consumption and lead to meat rationing. Under the Green New Deal, new regulations that blame cows for “climate change” would even limit livestock production.

Some colleges and universities, often considered bastions of leftism, have already gotten underway banning meat, with Oxford University students voting to ban beef and lamb from campus eateries and students at other schools leading efforts to scale back or ban the serving of meat in cafeterias.

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