Jeremy Munson Compared Election Integrity Activists to Amy Klobuchar

Congressional candidate Jeremy Munson says he will not prioritize the security of America’s elections if elected to Congress. As a Republican in Minnesota’s 1st district, Munson compared election integrity activists to Democrats who want to federalize the election process. He is now running for the GOP nomination to fill the empty seat previously held by America First Rep. Jim Hagedorn, who died in February of this year after battling cancer.

A current state-level Representative from Minnesota House District 23B, Munson is trying to position himself as an America First candidate in the race for the 1st District’s GOP nomination. He claims on his campaign website that he will fight to “secure our elections,” but doesn’t go beyond the talking points, failing to bring the matter back up or to propose legislative action in the “issues” section of his website.

Furthermore, while Munson claims to be an ardent supporter of the MAGA movement, he didn’t even vote for President Trump in the 2020 Presidential Primary. In Munson’s home precinct, votes are mail-in only, and he had six weeks to cast his ballot but failed to do so.

In a recent video captured on the campaign trail, Jeremy Munson dumped cold water on the idea of Congressional action to secure America’s elections. In the clip, Munson says that any election integrity or security measures taken up by Congress would be akin to federalizing elections and bizarrely compared those demanding that Congress act to left-wing Minnesota Democrat Amy Klobuchar.

Passing the buck on to the same state and local lawmakers who destroyed America’s election systems in the first place, Munson said in the speech that issues of election integrity and security are their problems, and that the sanctity of the vote isn’t playing a role in his platform or motivating his run for Congress.

“If we follow Amy Klobuchar and federalize the elections and set rules at the federal government, that’s when we lose integrity in our elections,” Munson told a crowd of voters as he tried to explain his way around not campaigning on election integrity issues in the wake of a 2020 Presidential Election that saw documented election fraud and irregularities all over the nation, including in his home state of Minnesota.

“[…]It is an important issue, but it’s not something I’m going to campaign on,” Munson went on to say of election integrity.

Munson’s race for the GOP nomination to Congress only recently kicked off when the late Rep. Jim Hagedorn, an ardent supporter of President Trump and the America First agenda, passed away in February after a battle with cancer. Republican voters in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District, which Hagedorn flipped from blue to red in 2018, will choose their special election nominee in a May 24th special primary before the special election is held on August 9th. The 2022 race will go on in November as scheduled, and GOP voters will choose their nominee in that election on August 9th as well.

Among the litany of candidates vying for Hagedorn’s old seat are his widow and former Minnesota GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan, as well as former Department of Agriculture bureaucrat Brad Finstad who, like Jeremy Munson, didn’t vote for President Trump in the 2020 primary and has a history of opposing America First policy, but now portrays himself as an America First conservative candidate.

Recently, Munson boasted that his campaign was leading the 1st District pack in fundraising, implying that he had massive support from the voters. As it turns out, Munson is indeed leading the pack in fundraising, but only because he gave himself a $200,000 loan, effectively buying his place atop the fundraising chart.

Watch Jeremy Munson give his comments against election integrity below:

#Minnesota: 1st District GOP Congressional candidate Jeremy Munson says he’s #AmericaFirst, but compares election integrity activists to Democrat Amy Klobuchar and tells voters he’ll do nothing to secure elections

— Frankie Stockes – Reporter (@stockes76) April 19, 2022

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