Jeremy Munson Defended Big Tech in the Name of ‘The Free Market’

While taking on big tech and securing the 21st century free speech rights of American citizens are core planks of the America First movement, Minnesota Congressional candidate Jeremy Munson, who calls himself an America First conservative, has tacitly backed big tech censorship in the past.

On his campaign website and social media accounts, Jeremy Munson calls himself an America First conservative and says he will carry the MAGA mantle to Washington for Minnesota’s 1st District, picking up where the late Rep. Jim Hagedorn, an ardent supporter and guide of the grassroots movement, left off. Below the surface, however, Munson’s actual policy positions and on the record statements, especially on key First Amendment issues like big tech censorship and election integrity, suggest otherwise.

Much like on the issue of election integrity and security, Munson claims that taking action on big tech censorship as a member of Congress would be a big government move violating the principles of conservatism. At a candidate’s forum, he compared election integrity activists to Amy Klobuchar, claiming that taking action against rogue left-wing states running fraud-ridden elections would be akin to the left moving to federalize American elections.

In a Facebook post made by Jeremy Munson on January 11th, 2021, as big tech giants like Twitter and Facebook purged their platforms of conservative users and even targeted the sitting President of the United States for censorship, Munson fully endorsed their efforts, hiding behind the type of libertarian talking points surrounding the free market often employed by anti-Trumpers within the Republican party. The censorship of President Trump and countless American citizens came as Democrats and the uni-party establishment sought to put the finishing touches on the election of 2020, silencing election integrity activists and censoring posts displaying rampant election fraud and irregularities.

“At the crossroads of more vs less regulation, I choose the latter,” Munson wrote of protecting citizens from big tech censorship in the post, much to the dismay of several commenters who pushed back against him for his pro-censorship stance.

During a December 2021 appearance on The Omnibus Podcast, Munson used a similar cop out to avoid supporting action against unfairly moderated big tech corporations who openly target conservatives and others at odds with their far-left agendas, claiming that private companies are free to censor who they please, regardless of federal regulations and guidelines created for them – like Section 230 – that say otherwise.

“The left has control of Twitter and Facebook and Mailchimp, and so many other forms of communication out there,” Munson said on The Omnibus Podcast, “that in the end, um, they have a right to censor people because they’re a private company.”

National File reached out to Jeremy Munson for comment on this article in search of clarification regarding his support for big tech censorship. Munson did not reply by the time of publishing.

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