Journalist Used Fake Accounts to Monitor Utah Congressional Candidate Jason Preston

Brian Schott, a journalist for the Salt Lake City Tribune, has been running smear campaigns against Jason Preston, who is currently running for U.S. Rep. in Utah’s third Congressional district. Preston describes himself as “not a politician,” but is running for Congress because “the principles and foundations of this country are under attack.”

Schott has admitted to “lurking” on Preston’s social media feed using multiple fake accounts. Preston himself had this to say about Schott’s attack on his campaign.

Our founding fathers warned us about these types of people and we will not be intimidated. We are part of a movement that stands with God and for liberty, end of story. We will stand and remind the government that God is the source of our rights, and that We The People are going to return our government to the role of servant.


“But, wait! Didn’t @UTJasonPreston boot you from the livestream?” you ask.

Oh, silly child. I have many, many, many other accounts I use to lurk.

They were crowing about up to 100 people tuning into the livestream tonight.

As many as 8 of them were me #utpol

— Bryan “anti-freedom journalist” Schott (@SchottHappens) April 7, 2022

In addition to public campaign smears aimed at the Jason Preston campaign, Schott is known to tweet in favor of mixing many Covid vaccinations.


I got my second COVID booster shot today.

Decided to mix it up and go with Pfizer after three doses of Moderna.

I feel like I’ve been hit by a slow-moving truck.

— Bryan “anti-freedom journalist” Schott (@SchottHappens) April 6, 2022

Jason Preston is working hard to defeat incumbent John Curtis in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. According to a campaign document, he has recruited longtime Republican political strategist Roger Stone to assist strengthen his campaign nationwide .

“Republican primary voters understand that I was a victim of a politically motivated witch hunt and made into a martyr for the America First movement because I refused to lie under oath about President Trump. I’m excited to be in Utah to help Jason Preston, who is a patriot that will take on the establishment and not bow down to the deranged mainstream media jackals,” according to Stone.

Let’s have a little chat about @UTJasonPreston and his town hall from the other night.

I reported earlier this week that according to an internal campaign document I obtained, Preston had hired Roger Stone to oversee his campaign

— Bryan “anti-freedom journalist” Schott (@SchottHappens) April 8, 2022


According to a Preston Campaign event organizer, Adrianna DiCicco, “Bryan Schott is the representation of corporate media insanity. He is a groomer, who supports filthy pornography in public schools, which is why he is attacking me and America First candidates. By all appearances, Schott likes to malign patriots from behind the keyboard, with no courage to spout his venom in person. I really hope he gets the help he needs, as he is a habitual liar and documented digital creep, who admits to lurking online from almost a dozen different accounts. Aside from harassing America First patriots online, what else is he doing with all those accounts?”

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