Judge Tosses Bogus Protection Order Against PA Candidate Teddy Daniels

A judge dismissed a temporary protective order against Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Candidate Teddy Daniels on Friday. Attorneys for Daniels were not even required to present their case before the judge opted to throw it out.

“Justice was served today in a court of law. I’m going to go see my son,” Daniels told reporters outside the Wayne County Courthouse shortly after being vindicated. Daniels had been ordered to stay away from his home and forbidden from having any contact with his wife for a little over ten days. The temporary order had also given Daniels’ wife temporary custody of their child and forced Daniels to turn over his guns.

The GOP hopeful has asserted that the allegations were unfounded, and he has become the target of “political terrorism” meant to damage his campaign and reputation.

Daniels had claimed the allegations were unfounded and that he was the target of “political terrorism” meant to damage his campaign. During a Facebook livestream last week, Daniels claimed he was “swatted” on numerous occasions, which is the practice of calling in bogus threats in hopes police will show up to a residence. He also accused Rolling Stone magazine of being “closely involved with a series of phone calls made to police from out-of-state in which false police reports were made against me at my home.”

“The people and players who were behind this political hit job and character assassination of Ted Daniels will have justice coming on another day,” Gilliland Vanasdale, an attorney for Daniels.

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