Kiggans Defends Pro-Trans Voting Record, Refuses to Support Trump

GOP establishment-backed congressional candidate Jen Kiggans defended her pro-trans voting record in the Virginia State Senate and once again wouldn’t back a 2024 Trump run for President in a recent radio appearance on the John Fredericks Show.

As the establishment-backed candidate for Congress in Virginia’s battleground 2nd District, Kiggans is endorsed by Kevin McCarthy and disgraced ex-Rep. Scott Taylor, but has been mocked by the GOP base and her opponent, Jarome Bell, for her dismal fundraising levels. At one point, it was even speculated that Kiggans would drop out of the race, only to be bailed out by the McCarthy-tied Congressional Leadership Fund, which offers direct cash infusions to the establishment’s chosen ones, and by Elise Stefanik’s Elevate PAC, which exclusively endorses female candidates.

In her latest appearance on the John Fredericks Show, the host wasted no time in taking Kiggans to task on her political record and fundraising woes, leading to her trying to dance around the campaign finance issue by asking him to hold a fundraiser for her, and to donate to her campaign.

Kiggans was much less successful in evading accountability for her Virginia State Senate voting record, which includes support for some of the most radical pro-trans legislation in American history, and was criticized by Fredericks for refusing to provide a straight answer as to how she will advance conservative legislation on a litany of important issues in Washington, given that she hasn’t done it in Richmond.

“A lot of the concern with you is that you’re going to get there and not do anything, that’s been the criticism,” Fredericks told Kiggans, relaying a common concern among grassroots conservatives about Kiggans and the rest of the GOP establishment. Kiggans then continued to avoid offering a direct answer, referring to how her “leadership team” was “on retreat last week coming up with their gameplan,” though she did offer up some vague statements about supporting border patrol and law enforcement.

On her vote for the pro-trans Democrat bill SB-868, also known as the Virginia Values Act, Kiggans claimed that the legislation which opened girls’ restrooms and other “public accommodations” up to men was actually an employment and housing bill meant to protect veterans and make sure that transgenders can work and pay taxes. As what she calls an “equality candidate,” Kiggans says this is an important issue to her, but contrary to her claims, SB-868 was cited directly by the Virginia Department of Education in forcing schools to open girls’ restrooms up to men and adopt other radically pro-trans policies against the will of parents.

Fredericks went on to highlight a number of left-wing bills that Kiggans has supported in the Virginia State Senate, including one to make things more difficult in order to charge criminals with felonies. Bizarrely, Kiggans then claimed that because she was in a Senate with a Democrat majority, and that because the Virginia House of Delegates too had a Democrat majority until recently, she just had to vote in line with the radical left.

“They were brought to me with an agenda from the radical left,” Kiggans said of the bills she has supported in the Virginia State Senate. “And these guys brought it to me and I had to vote because that’s what I was sent here to do,” Kiggans said before reminding listeners that legislators “are not required to vote with our caucus,” and going on to once again refuse to support a Trump 2024 run for President, and appearing to be afraid to even utter the name “Trump” on the radio.

“I don’t even know what to say, I really don’t. I mean, you can’t even say President Trump’s name in the 2nd District? Where he carried it twice,” Fredericks said of Kiggans following the interview, blasting her anti-Trump streak. “People run, people, believe in what they want to believe, but, you can’t even say Trump’s name. Are you serious!?,” Fredericks went on, before warning voters about anti-Trump backstabbers within the GOP.

Listen to the full Fredericks-Kiggans interview below beginning around 1:28:00

#JFRS Daily Podcast: April 8, 2022

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