Little Caesars Raises Price Of Famous $5 ‘Hot-N-Ready’ Pizza Due To Rising Costs Under Biden Regime

Pizza chain Little Caesars is increasing the price of its famous $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza deal by 55 cents, in what has been described as an effort to “balance rising labor and commodities costs.”

Prices for many food items, including pepperoni, have soared under Democrat president Joe Biden.

“During a recent interview, CEO Dave Scrivano said the price increase is a way to balance rising labor and commodities costs,” Forbes magazine reported on Monday.

“There are all kinds of pressures on businesses these days, but we still want to deliver the best product at the best value to our customers,” Scrivano said during the Forbes interview. “They have told us they want more pepperoni. While other companies are decreasing their portions and increasing their prices, we decided to make our pizza even better. It still remains the lowest price in the business, but we’re adding more to it.”

“Our franchisees were highly accepting of this proposition. They want to treat their customers like gold and make sure they get the best product possible and they love the idea of more pepperoni,” Scrivano added. “We think we’ve got something good here with delivery and our Pizza Portal and our Hot-N-Ready pizza. We’ve got a good structure to really drive overall growth.”

As National File previously reported, famous American dollar store chain Dollar Tree has permanently raised prices above $1 under Biden.

“The new price point will enable Dollar Tree to return to its historical gross margin range by mitigating historically-high merchandise cost increases, including freight and distribution costs, as well as higher operating costs, such as wage increases,” a company press release stated in November.

The Biden regime has repeatedly denied that its unprecedented spending is contributing in any way to the surge in prices for consumer goods and food items since the January inauguration.

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