Liz Cheney, Father Dick Were Only Two Republicans At Pelosi’s Jan 6 Speech

On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a moment of silence to honor the “four Capitol police officers who lost their lives” as a result of the January 6th election integrity protests.

Despite the fact that zero police officers were killed that day, Pelosi baselessly claimed that there were in fact four casualties. Included in the false death toll was officer Billy Evans, who was killed last April when a black nationalist struck him in a vehicular attack on the Capitol.

The speech was only attended by two Republicans: former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and his daughter, U.S. Rep Liz Cheney.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stated that he would have attended the event, but had to tend to his newborn baby. “Wish I could be there too, but I’m on baby watch. I am in spirit.” he wrote in a tweet.

The ceremony was attended by several Democrat lawmakers, several of which rushed to shake the former VP’s hand.

“I think a party who is enthralled to a cult personality is a party that is dangerous for the country and I think we clearly have got to get to a place where we are focused on substance and on issues,” said Rep. Cheney as she and her father exited the event.

“I think a party who is enthralled to a cult personality is a party that is dangerous for the country,” Rep. Liz Cheney says as she leaves the House chamber with her father, former Vice Pres. Dick Cheney.

— ABC News (@ABC) January 6, 2022

Liz Cheney was one of ten Republican representatives who voted to impeach Trump following the January 6th protests. She now chairs the January 6th committee, of which Kinzinger is also a member. Former Vice President Cheney told reporters that he was “very proud” of his daughter.

The former VP took aim at Republican lawmakers as he exited the ceremony. “It’s not a leadership that resembles any of the folks I knew when I was here for 10 years,” said Cheney.