Loudoun County School Counselor Arrested for Sex Crimes Against Student, Marking Far-Left District’s Latest Scandal

A former Loudoun County Public Schools counselor has been arrested on felony charges of taking indecent liberties with a child after police say she carried on a sexual relationship with a Loudoun County student over a span of multiple years. The arrest marks just the latest scandal to rock the disgraced school district, which has attracted national attention on news stories ranging from critical race theory to transgender bathroom rapes.

Ann M. Barrett, 42, reportedly turned herself into police at the Loudoun County Adult Detention Center on Thursday, after being brought up on child sex charges related to an “inappropriate relationship” with a former student at Freedom High School that lasted several years. She was released on a $10,000 bond to await trial shortly thereafter, despite her charges constituting child rape.

The arrest came following an investigation that began in May, with law enforcement finally securing charges against Barrett this week. A victim has not been named, due to the victim’s privacy rights and juvenile status at the time of the alleged crimes.

According to police and local media reports, the predatory “relationship” between the two lasted from 2013 to 2015, during which time Barrett was employed as a school counselor at Freedom High School, though she later moved on to become an eighth-grade counselor at a Loudoun County middle school.

It appears unknown, at this point, if any other Freedom High School students or middle school students were affected by her alleged predatory behavior during her time as a public school employee.

Many school counselors have closed-door access to students, often meeting with them on issues ranging from their hopes of post secondary education, to more serious and personal things, like disagreements with other students, issues at home, or even psychological problems.

Barrett’s arrest marks just the latest in a long string of scandals to rock Loudoun County Public Schools, a district located in Northern Virginia’s D.C. suburbs that was once considered one of the best public school systems in the United States.

Led by a far-left school board, the county’s education system became a key issue in this year’s Virginia Governor’s race, as local parents took on the implementation of far-left, anti-white Critical Race Theory, as well as radical “trans-affirming” policies that led to the bathroom rape of a young girl, for which a male Loudoun County student who donned a skirt and claimed to be “gender-fluid” was convicted.

The same student also faces charges in a subsequent school rape, which took place at another Loudoun County high school following the initial assault.

In the aftermath of the rape, the county school board engaged in a documented cover-up and even arrested one of the victim’s fathers when he demanded answers and accountability.

Loudoun County’s teachers have also faced arrest on numerous occasions, including multiples for public intoxication during the school day, as well as sexual assaults and sexual activity with students. Over one short period in 2019, a total of 3 teachers in the district were arrested and charged with various crimes related to their jobs, including on-campus alcohol and sex offenses.

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