Loudoun County Teacher Files Suit Against School Board in Sex Assault Case

Northern Virginia’s disgraced Loudoun County Public Schools have been hit with yet another scandal, as a former special education teacher has filed suit against the Democrat-dominated school board, accusing the district of retaliating against her and throwing her out of her job after she reported that she was the victim of chronic sexual assaults by a Loudoun County student.

Former Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) special education teacher Erin Brooks, along with teaching assistant Lauren Vandermuelen, have lost their jobs after reporting to district officials that they were the victims of inappropriate, sexual touching by a student. Now, Erin Brooks has filed a lawsuit against the Loudoun County School Board, as well as principal Diane Mackey, of Rosa Lee Carter Elementary School, in the county’s circuit court.

According to court filings, Brooks’ case “challenges the unnecessary and vindictive actions of the Defendant School Board, this time inflicted by these politicians and their agents on a victim of sexual assault.”

“The case at bar involves the Plaintiff being the victim of ongoing instances of sexual assault and LCPS personnel failing to protect the Plaintiff from the same,” the court filings go on to say. “Even worse, the Plaintiff was victimized again for protecting herself from harm when the Defendant School Board and Defendant Mackey retaliated against the Plaintiff for speaking out against the travesty done to her and working to protect herself when LCPS would not.”

As chronicled in local media reports, Brooks has been dealing with the issue since at least February of this year, when “a student began grabbing her breasts, buttocks, and pubic area dozens of times each day.” Despite the filing of Title IX complaints, Brooks, along with teaching assistant Lauren Vandermuelen, say they were ignored by district officials, and ultimately lost their jobs.

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The lawsuit against Loudoun County Public Schools marks just the latest scandal to plague the far-left school district, where just days ago a teacher was arrested for being drunk at school.

Last year, Loudoun County made national headlines for enforcing a far-left, pro-trans bathroom and pronoun policy, opening girls’ restrooms up to men, leading to the serial rape of female Loudoun County students by a “gender-fluid” male who donned a skirt and was later convicted of his crimes in court. The school board has been accused of gross misconduct and retaliation in that case as well, even arresting a victim’s father for demanding answers and accountability.

Upon taking office, Republican Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin ordered an investigation into the disgraced Loudoun County School Board.

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