Mike Pompeo Declares ‘There Is No More Important Task’ As Secretary Of State Than ‘Standing For Israel’ At Zionist Gala

Mike Pompeo appeared at the Zionist Organization of America’s annual gala two Sundays ago, and made clear to attendees that he prioritizes the concerns of Israel above all U.S. policy issues.

Pompeo claimed there is “no more important task of the secretary of state than standing for Israel,” and stated “I believe strongly in our support for Israel because of our Judeo-Christian heritage, and I’m proud of the tough choices we made to support Israel.”

“Is there really any legal truth to the accusation that Israel is occupying Palestinian land? You all know the answer is absolutely not,” Pompeo declared.

There is no more important task of the Secretary of State than standing for Israel and there is no more important ally to the United States than Israel. There is much more work to do. https://t.co/hJhonFgqj0

— Mike Pompeo (@mikepompeo) December 27, 2021

“We know what happens when the world turns its back on Israel and her people,” Pompeo continued. “I worry this is happening more and more today.”

The former CIA and State Department official went on to claim that antisemitism “is on the rise and it’s up to us to speak out against it,” and pontificated, “It’s because I’m a champion of religious freedom that I’m here today to tell you that the United States must stand with the Jewish people and Israel in the fight against the world’s oldest bigotry: antisemitism.”

“Like the modern state of Israel, the United States is a country born from righteous aspirations,” Pompeo stated, appearing to place more emphasis on the importance of israel than the country under which he served as Secretary of State.

Pompeo recently made the bizarre claim that Chinese president Xi Jinping is holding “over a million Americans in concentration camps.”

During an appearance on Fox’s Sunday Morning Futures, Pompeo said, “No, I would have recommended to the President were I Secretary of State today that we not send our athletes into this terribly difficult place, where they’re gonna be forced to be silent, to not speak as Americans.”

“Or Xi Jinping will be put on stage or lauded as a great leader while he’s holding over a million Americans in concentration camps,” Pompeo continued.

“I don’t think we should be participating, i don’t think the IOC, the Olympic Committee should have allowed Xi jinping to host these games,” Pompeo said of the planned 2022 Olympics in Beijing.

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