Mississippi: Rep. Guest Headed to Run-Off With MAGA Candidate Michael Cassidy

U.S. Rep. Michael Guest is headed to a run-off against MAGA candidate Michael Cassidy in Mississippi’s 3rd Congressional District. Cassidy defeated both Guest and a distant third place candidate with a plurality of voters in the GOP’s primary.

Michael Cassidy, a former Navy pilot and outspoken supporter of 45th President Trump and the America First movement, has a groundswell of grassroots conservative support behind him after incumbent Rep. Michael Guest voted in favor of establishing Nancy Pelosi’s 1/6 “witch hunt” commission.

Rep. Michael Guest was dogged by his voting with Pelosi and the Democrats throughout the initial primary phase of the Mississippi GOP’s nominating process, with Cassidy picking up more and more conservative support as the campaign went on. By primary day, Cassidy and Guest had clearly been painted into their respective corners of the political ring, with Guest as the GOP establishment candidate, and Cassidy as the America First candidate – a battle that is playing out over and over again in GOP races around the country, as grassroots voters attempt to purge the nation’s legislature of the uni-party establishment.

In a recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, Cassidy went into detail about what separates his campaign from that of incumbent Michael Guest. While Cassidy is openly opposed to Pelosi and Guest’s January 6th Commission, which he has no problem labeling a “witch hunt,” Guest has tried to pass it off to voters as being a bipartisan panel established by a bipartisan coalition of Representatives – something the people aren’t buying.

“He says falsely that the January 6th Commission was a bipartisan thing,” Michael Cassidy told Steve Bannon during an interview appearance on The War Room. “Well, it’s Bipartisan with Democrats and RINOs!” Cassidy continued. “That’s not the kind of bipartisanship that we need, but that’s the kind of bipartisanship [Michael Guest] had.”

With Mississippi’s 3rd District run-off slated for June 28th, the race has narrowed to a two-man contest. As the 3rd is rated as a safe Republican district, the run-off has effectively become the mid-term, and Cassidy says he expects the GOP establishment to come rushing to Guest’s aid.

In addition to his support for Nancy Pelosi’s 1/6 Commission, Rep. Michael Guest has supported taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood as well as giving $53 billion in cash and weapons to Ukraine.

Cassidy blasted Guest’s support of the left-wing initiatives in a press release made following his primary race victory, in which he also challenged Guest to a debate.

“I am calling on Mr. Guest to give the voters the opportunity to see us debate,” Cassidy says in his press release. “So he can be held accountable for voting for the Democrats’ January 6th Commission, for voting for multiple omnibus spending bills that gave over a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood, and for giving $53 billion to Ukraine when American families are suffering.”

Watch Michael Cassidy’s Interview on Bannon’s War Room Below: