Multiple People Shot After Gunman Opens Fire on NYC Subway Platform

At least a dozen NYC subway riders were injured after a gunman reportedly opened fire at a Brooklyn station. Police reportedly discovered undetonated “explosive devices” on the scene while the suspected shooter appears to have set off a smoke bomb on the train. The suspect, who has been described as a 5’5 black male who was wearing an orange vest, is still on the loose.

The attack took place at NYC’s 36th Street subway station around 8:30 am, during rush hour.

A subway passenger named Clair told the New York Post that the attacker fired off multiple shots. “There was like, lots of them. I don’t even know how many,” she said. The witness described the suspect as a 5’5, 170lb black man who was wearing a gas mask and orange vest.

“I thought he was an MTA worker at first because I was like, I didn’t like pay too much attention. You know? You’ve got the orange on,” she said.

Over a dozen people have been described as “critically injured” at the scene. A witness told Fox News that they wouldn’t be surprised “if at least one of them doesn’t make it.”

The Fox News witness, Sam Carcamo, was unable to confirm whether the attack involved gunshots or explosives. Carcamo said he heard “multiple popping noises” and described victims lying in “pools of blood.”

Graphic photos show the blood stained subway platform while smoke pours out of the train. It is still unclear exactly how many were injured, though NYPD officials have confirmed at least five.


Multiple people shot at 36 street station by two people in #sunsetpark. All are currently being transported to the hospital #NewYork #Brooklyn

— Derek French Photo (@derekcfrench) April 12, 2022

Video showing immediate aftermath of panic and a mad rush to flea the scene of #NewYork mass shooting and smoke grenade attack.

Suspect still on the run wearing gas mask and orange vest.

Now confirmed shooting happened inside train subway carriage while on the move.

— Dave (@OfficerDave2) April 12, 2022

The shooting reportedly took place on the train while it was in motion.

The NYPD’s bomb squad and counter terrorism units are on the scene. Federal law enforcement teams from both the ATF and the FBI, as well as the New York state police, also arrived at the station, though they have stressed that the NYPD is in charge of the investigation. Additionally, an FDNY spokesman said that multiple undetonated explosive devices were recovered at the scene.

National File will provide updates as details emerge.

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