New Zealand PM Seeks To Ban Smoking After Previously Banning Guns, Instating Severe COVID Restrictions

New Zealand’s left-wing government is putting together plans to ban smoking and the use of tobacco in Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s latest push for total government Control of the small island nation.

Under a proposed smoking ban released by Ardern’s Labour Party government, which appears to be the first of its kind worldwide, New Zealand’s age of purchase for tobacco products would increase yearly, beginning in 2027, with those New Zealanders born after 2008 never legally being able to purchase tobacco.

Ardern says her government plans to give the proposal to parliament in 2022, where she expects it to be made law. The smoking ban will reportedly not cover nicotine vapor products, which have become a major money maker for global corporations as lighting up in public becomes more difficult.

Like in most other first world nations, smoking is already on the decline in New Zealand and the country’s white population only smokes at a rate of roughly 10%.

The numbers are a bit higher for the Polynesian populations on the island, but still just 19% of those adults report themselves to be smokers, a rate much lower than most populations worldwide, though apparently not low enough for the government, which wants to fully eradicate the age old hobby.

The New Zealand smoking ban marks just the latest push for total control by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her Labour Party government, which numbers among the members of the “Progressive Alliance,” a worldwide union of left-wing political parties, including America’s Democrats, who seek to inflict their will globally.

Much like the American Democrats, Ardern and her Labour Party have heavily attacked civil liberties since the beginning days of COVID-19, overseeing one of the world’s most oppressive shutdowns which has included attacks on free speech, religion, movement, and the press. Ardern has heavily pushed the so-called “Build Back Better” plan, which the global political power structure has sought to implement worldwide in the aftermath of COVID, changing the way people live against their own will.

As reported by National File, using some of the COVID restrictions enacted by her government, Ardern recently shut down a press conference when a journalist “unaccredited” by the nation’s government dared question her COVID strategy and vaccine mandates, leading to accusations that the left-wing media darling is behaving as a dictator.

Ardern has overseen aggressive vaccination efforts in New Zealand, leading to massive protests in the normally quiet and reserved nation. In 2019, she led efforts to ban New Zealanders from owning firearms, effectively disarming the nation’s population

Earlier this month, Ardern declared that “there’s not going to be an endpoint” to the COVID-19 vaccine program enforced by her government.

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