No Prison Time for Antifa-Linked Activist Who Fired at Jeep During Highway Protest

Samuel Young, who fired indiscriminately at a jeep as it tried to flee a horde of far-left activists who were blocking an interstate, received a sentence of just 120 days in jail. Young, 24, will avoid prison after a judge called him “well-educated” and cited his community service. He was convicted earlier this year on multiple counts, including attempted manslaughter, which could have landed him in prison for up to 6 years.

On July 25, 2020, far-left extremists blocked an interstate in Aurora, Colorado. While the interstate was blocked, Samuel Young — who published a wild manifesto not long before the shooting — fired indiscriminately at a jeep that was trying to get through.

Two bullets struck the jeep, though the driver was able to escape unharmed. Two of Young’s fellow protesters were struck by the gunfire, however.

One of the demonstrators was shot in the leg while another was brazed in the head.

The man who was shot in the leg, Joseph Sagrillo, testified Tuesday that the bullet hit his femoral artery. He was rushed to a hospital for a five-hour emergency surgery, and spent months recovering, according to The Denver Post.

A number of bills in state legislatures are limiting civil/criminal liability of drivers attacked by “protestors”

Thread to show examples of #Antifa/#BLM blocking roads and attacking/harassing drivers

Samuel Young shooting at a fleeing driver in

— AntifaWatch (@AntifaWatch2) May 10, 2021

“Trump has continued to use racially charged language throughout his political career, and continues to support a police state that disproportionately targets black people,” Young wrote in a Medium essay on the day of the incident. The essay exclusively refers to conservative figures as “Nazis” who must be met with force.

He also praised the “protesters” in Portland and claimed Trump’s calls to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization made him a fascist.

Samuel Young was eventually convicted of seven felonies earlier this year, including two counts of second-degree assault, four counts of attempted manslaughter and a single count of illegally discharging his gun.

Despite the severity of his crimes, the Colorado native was sentenced to just 120 days in jail. He will serve about 70 days with time served and will avoid a prison bid, though he will be on probation for five years upon release.

Eighteenth Judicial District Judge Ben Leutwyler said he considered sending Young to prison but decided probation better served the interest of justice, citing Young’s community service, remorse and lack of a criminal record. Judge Leutwyler also factored in the cause Young was “protesting” when he and fellow far-left extremists blocked an interstate.

“You have no criminal history. You are a young person, 24 years old, well-educated, you have a history of helping others, you’re needed at home. And you shot wholly indiscriminately into a crowd of hundreds of people,” the Judge said at Young’s sentencing.

Assistant District Attorney Tom Byrnes asked that Samuel Young be sentenced to six years in prison. “There was no reason he should have been bringing a gun to a protest on the interstate and using it against motorists on a highway,” Byrnes said. “It was reckless, and we’re all grateful and lucky that there weren’t people killed that day.”

Young’s mother, who suffers from a debilitating mental health condition, testified that her son is her primary caretaker. She stated that she relies heavily on his help and would likely have to move into a nursing home if Young received a prison sentence, The Denver Post reported.

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