NRA-Backed Candidate Refuses to Oppose Biden Gun Control

NRA-backed Congressional candidate Jen Kiggans is refusing to oppose Joe Biden’s gun control agenda just ahead of primary day in Virginia’s 2nd District, where she is running for the GOP nomination to Congress and saying that she’s “open to the debate” on gun control and confiscation.

Throughout her primary campaign, US House candidate Jen Kiggans has been hounded by her left-wing voting record in the Virginia State Senate, which includes support for Democrat legislation opening girls’ restrooms up to men. Now, as Democrats and the GOP establishment move to control and confiscate Americans’ firearms just ahead of the 2022 midterms, Kiggans is refusing to oppose their efforts, and signaling potential support for gun control legislation should she make it to Congress.

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In a recent radio interview, Jen Kiggans refused to oppose the gun control agenda of Joe Biden, telling the host that she was “not saying a yes or no” when asked directly if she’d support a compromise on gun control with Democrats, which would include historic encroachments on the 2nd Amendment. In avoiding an answer on how she’d vote in Congress, Kiggans boasted that she’s been endorsed by the NRA, while ultimately going on to admit that, despite the NRA’s endorsement, she is “open to the debate” on gun control and confiscation.

“There are a lot of issues that they’re going to want to amend and change and I want to be in the room for that,” Kiggans told radio host John Fredericks when asked for her thoughts on a gun control deal between Joe Biden and the GOP establishment. “There’s some debate to be had,” Kiggans said, signaling support for gun control legislation between her campaign talking points in saying that she’s “open to the debate for that.”

Listen: Jen Kiggans Refuses to Oppose Biden Gun Control 

The NRA has increasingly backed GOP establishment candidates, like Jen Kiggans, in primary races against America First opponents, despite their propensity for supporting anti-gun legislation once reaching office. National File reached out to both the NRA and Jen Kiggans for comment and clarification on their Biden gun control stances, but received no response. In addition to the NRA, Kiggans has been backed by Kevin McCarthy and several GOP establishment notables, including the 2nd District’s disgraced ex-Congressman Scott Taylor, who was embroiled in an election fraud scandal that saw his staff convicted in court.

Kiggans says that she will employ Taylor’s twice-defeated moderate playbook should she make it to a mid term race against incumbent Democrat and close Pelosi ally Elaine Luria, a staunch proponent of gun control.

In contrast to Jen Kiggans, who refuses to tell voters where she will stand on gun control, her primary opponent Jarome Bell has been outspoken in his support of the 2nd Amendment, blasting her receptiveness to the Biden gun control agenda in a recent interview of his own, with Teddy Daniels.

“My oath [to the Constitution] never expired,” Jarome Bell, a 27-year Navy veteran, said of his commitment to safeguarding the 2nd Amendment and further Constitutional rights of the American people.

“We’ve lost this country because of RINOs, because of these establishment people like the one I’m running against, Jen Kiggans, that will run as conservatives and people believe the lies that they tell and then they’ll get up there and they’ll vote as moderates, and they’ll vote as really Democrats,” Bell told Daniels, expressing zero confidence in Kiggans’ ability to protect the 2nd Amendment in Washington.

“Her voting record is a leftist Democrat voting record,” Jarome Bell went on to say of Jen Kiggans, who he referred to as “Luria Light,” comparing her record to that of the Democrat incumbent.

The people of the 2nd District “deserve a fighter,” Bell, who leads the GOP race in recent polling data, went on to say. “They deserve somebody who’s actually going to go to DC and is going to vote their principles and protect their values and is not going to sell them out to the highest bidder, to the K Steet lobbyists…That’s why I’m going to win.”

Watch Jarome Bell’s Interview With Teddy Daniels Below: