Organized Thieves Storm Glasses Store, Steal $20k Worth of Frames in Seconds

Video footage recorded in deep blue Alexandria, Virginia, a wealthy suburb of Washington, DC, shows an organized crew of thieves swarming a high-end eyeglasses store while smashing displays and stealing merchandise. In just seconds, the four-man team of looters, which mirrors those seen in other blue cities around the country, reportedly committed more than $20,000 in property damage and theft.

The gang of four thieves, all black males, stormed Alexandria’s My Eye Dr. store last month on April 19th. The Fairfax County Police are only now disclosing the crime to the public through local media outlets, however.

To this point, law enforcement has been unable to track down the criminals themselves and are urging the public to come forward with a tips.

Other police departments in blue cities and counties have taken similar routes since organized retail gangs became commonplace in 2020, often keeping the public in the dark about the crimes until they’re unable to solve them alone.

Rudimentary disguises were worn by the criminals, who donned COVID masks to cover their faces during the broad daylight attack. While four criminals entered the store, another is said to have sat outside in a getaway vehicle – a black Toyota Camry with “tinted windows and black hubcaps.”

Though the thieves inside were caught on tape during their raid of the Alexandria, VA My Eye Dr. store, they appeared unphased by the prospect of being identified and continued stealing merchandise and destroying property after being informed that the police were “on their way.”

Throughout the video footage released of the crime, the four black male looters can be seen smashing displays and picking up as many eyeglass frames as they can before casually making their escape.

The smash and grab loot attack on Alexandria’s My Eye Dr. store is far from the first against a DC-area business. Local authorities say that thugs seem to be targeting high-end eye glass stores in the region.

Smash and grab loot attacks have begun to pop up in the area on a fairly regular basis while the same type of crime is occurring at an eye-popping level in other blue cities around America, as left-wing politicians have sought to hamstring the police’s ability to enforce the law and have publicly labeled citizens who dare defend themselves or their properties, as racists.

See the attack on My Eye Dr. below:

New video of the latest smash and grab at an eye glasses store.
This one at the MrEyeDr in Alexandria. Employees say they were after the high-end brands – $20,000 lost in products and damage. @wusa9

— Casey Nolen (@CaseyNolen) May 6, 2022

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