PHILADELPHIA: Amazon Driver Shoots Man While Delivering Packages

An arrest warrant for attempted murder has been issued after an Amazon driver reportedly shot a 58-year-old man after being involved in a traffic incident with him. The victim is in “critical” condition after undergoing emergency surgery.

The shooting took place on Sunday evening in Clifton Heights PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. The 58-year-old victim told police he was shot by an Amazon delivery driver after being involved in a “minor accident” with the suspect. Following the incident, the victim was transported to the University of Penn hospital and underwent emergency surgery. The 58-year-old victim reportedly suffered a gunshot wound to the stomach and is in “critical condition” of Monday afternoon.

Clifton Heights Police later identified the suspect as Anthony Jones of Philadelphia. “Police have an active arrest warrant for Jones for crimes including Attempted Homicide, Aggravated assault and other related charges,” Clifton Heights Police said in a statement. Law enforcement officials also confirmed that Jones was indeed an Amazon delivery driver and have urged the public to come forward with any information that leads to his arrest.

2/2 Shooting victim,58, was conscious after critically shot in the stomach, told police “he was shot by an Amazon driver he had just been involved in a minor accident with.” @FOX29philly

— Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) February 28, 2022

The City of Philadelphia has recorded a massive uptick in violent crime since 2019. While most U.S. cities saw violent crime spike following the COVID-19 lockdowns and 2020 BLM riots, Philadelphia’s homicide rate and other violent crime statistics started to spike a year earlier. The city set a homicide record with 559 murders in 2021, far surpassing a previous high of 500 that was set during the height of the crack epidemic in the 90’s.

Philadelphia has also seen a dramatic rise in carjackings. U.S. Rep. Mary Gay Scanlon (D-PA) was carjacked in South Philadelphia this past December while the brother of Pennsylvania Lt. Governor candidate Clarice Schillinger was a victim of the same crime last month. The carjackings have become increasingly brazen and even take place outside police precincts.

Attempted carjacking just one block from @PhillyPolice substation on South Street. 10 shots fired at Mercedes driver,54,nearly gets head shot off, grazed in cheek, bullet thru window head high&rear view mirror blown apart @FOX29philly

— Steve Keeley (@KeeleyFox29) February 28, 2022

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