Philadelphia School District Encouraged Teachers to Attend Conference on ‘Kink’

Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” and “banging beyond binaries.” The story was first reported by Christopher Ruffo.

In July 2021, the district’s Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) department sent invitations to the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference to teachers and staff.

The conference began with presentations promoting puberty blockers, hormone treatments, breast removals, and genital surgeries. In one session, “The Adolescent Pathway Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” Dr. Scott Mosser, the principal at the Gender Confirmation Center in San Francisco, explained that he has performed “over two thousand top surgeries,” which involve removing girls’ breasts, and that there is no age limit for beginning the “gender journey.”

When asked for comment, the School District of Philadelphia described its promotion of the conference as part of its commitment to “creating equitable and inclusive environments,” and said it did “not have any information” on the number of teachers who attended the event, Ruffo reported.

The conference was billed as a way to “learn more about the issues facing the trans community” and was organized by the Mazzoni Center, an LGBTQ activist organization.

The event included sessions on topics such as “The Adolescent Pathway: Preparing Young People for Gender-Affirming Care,” “Bigger Dick Energy: Life After Masculinizing [Gender Reassignment Surgery],” and “Trans Sex: Banging Beyond Binaries.”

A number of the conference’s sessions included exceedingly sexually graphic imagery. Topics included masturbation toys and prosthetic penises.

One host even argued that such things should be promoted to minors. “There’s no age limit, because I feel like everybody should be able to access certain information,” said the host. Information on the conference remains accessible on the event website.

Chase Ross, a transgender activist and YouTuber, hosted a series of sessions on “packers,” “masturbation sleeves,” and “prosthetics for sex,” demonstrating various devices from his collection of more than 500 genital prosthetics.

SCOOP: Last year, the School District of Philadelphia encouraged teachers to attend a transgender conference on “kink,” “BDSM,” “trans sex,” “bigger dick energy,” and “banging beyond binaries.”

I’ve obtained exclusive videos from the conference that will shock you.

— Christopher F. Rufo (@realchrisrufo) May 17, 2022

As the Philadelphia School District urges its staff to attend a conference on deviant sexual activity, the city’s schools lag far behind the state averages in reading and math proficiency.

Public schools in Philadelphia City School District have an average math proficiency score of 23% and reading proficiency score of 37%, according to the district’s website. Both figures lag far behind the statewide averages of 45% for math proficiency and 62% for reading.

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