Physicians Claim 300,000 Could Suffer From Heart Conditions Caused By ‘Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder’

Physicians in the United Kingdom claim that up to 300,000 people in that could could suffer from “heart-related illnesses” caused by a phenomenon called “Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder” (PPSD). This comes amid renewed skepticism over the prevalence of COVID-19 vaccines causing heart-related adverse reactions following the release of Pfizer documents from the FDA following a FOIA request.

According to the Evening Standard, physicians have warned that there could be a 4.5% “rise in cardiovascular cases” across the nation because of Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder, primarily affecting those between 30 and 45.

“PPSD is a very real problem on a massive scale. As well as the condition itself with all its immediate problems, one of the biggest collateral issues is the affect it can have on heart health,” claimed Mark Rayner, a former senior NHS psychologist quoted by the Standard.

“We are talking about as many as 300,000 new patients with heart issues.”

The doctor was joined in his alarm by Tahir Hussain, a surgeon at Northwick Park Hospital.

“I’ve seen a big increase in thrombotic-related vascular conditions in my practice,” said Hussain. “I believe many of these cases are a direct result of the increased stress and anxiety levels caused from the effects of PPSD.”

Hussain also claimed there is evidence people have died alone in their homes from Post-Pandemic Stress Disorder, something he blamed on “so many people self-isolating at home with no contact with the outside world and dying without getting the help they needed.”

COVID-19 vaccines have become especially controversial due to their well-established heart-related side effects that tend to occur primarily in young men, including myocarditis. Scientific research has indicated that young, male recipients of the controversial injections are most likely to experience adverse reactions that may lead to chronic heart conditions.

Multiple countries have banned various vaccines citing the prevalence of myocarditis, and the FDA has added a warning about myocarditis, and pericarditis heart inflammation to the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines.

In the United Kingdom, the AstraZeneca vaccine was briefly paused while experts considered the number of individuals who died of blood clots after taking that vaccine.

Among those who died after taking the controversial vaccine in the United Kingdom was Lisa Shaw, a BBC radio presenter who died at 44.

Recently, it was reported that 1,200 people died from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in its early testing period.

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