Police Declare ‘Mass Casualty Event’ After Black Driver Reportedly Drives Into Christmas Parade In Waukesha, Wisconsin

Police have declared a mass casualty event after a car plowed through a crowd in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The red SUV could be seen speeding down the parade route, narrowly missing a toddler, before ramming into the crowd. The attack took place during the annual Waukesha Christmas parade.

At least two people have been reported dead while several others are reported injured, some critically. Police fired shots at the red SUV and there have also been unconfirmed reports of shots being fired from the vehicle. It is unknown whether the reported shots were separate from those fired by police.

Video from mass casualty incident at a Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin pic.twitter.com/YYtNqbBM0Q

— MelvinB (@MelvinBGlobal) November 21, 2021

Moment the vehicle entered the crowd at the Christmas parade in Waukesha Wisconsin. pic.twitter.com/aOx2165XYm

— MelvinB (@MelvinBGlobal) November 22, 2021

#BREAKING: Reported video shows police firing upon a car that allegedly ran through the middle of a downtown #Waukesha, Wisconsin holiday parade. pic.twitter.com/OwuJL3bYBT

— Moshe Schwartz (@YWNReporter) November 21, 2021

One eyewitness told Fox News that he saw at least 30 people on the ground following the attack, according to Sam Kraemer of Fox 6. Another said the vehicle drove through a dance team of girls aged 9 through 15. At least 16 children have been admitted into the Emergency Department in Waukesha, according to Raheem Kassam of the National Pulse.

The attack took place near the intersection of Main and Barstow streets in downtown Waukesha, according to reports. Law enforcement can be seen chasing the vehicle before the stream from one of the eyewitness videos cuts off. The ATF is reportedly on the scene.

The car was soon recovered not far from Carroll University. One eyewitness described one black male suspect in the vehicle. Other reports have mentioned at least three suspects who reportedly bailed from the vehicle and have been described as black males, though reports have not yet been confirmed. One suspect has reportedly been detained while two others fled on foot and remain at-large.

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Picture of the car after suspects parked and ran near Carroll University. pic.twitter.com/Di8hx17OvG

— Royal Intel (@RoyalIntel_) November 22, 2021

This is a breaking news story and may be updated or changed as more information becomes available.

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