POLITICO: President Trump Might Pick Mark Meadows For Vice President In 2024

According to a report by Politico, President Donald Trump might select former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows for Vice President in the 2024 Presidential Election.

Politico is reporting that President Donald Trump might make Mark Meadows his Vice President when he potentially runs for President again in 2024.

From the report:

If Trump picks another white male as a running mate, those who know his thinking say it’s likely that individual would play the role of a close adviser, a super chief of staff of sorts. That could even include Mark Meadows, Trump’s last White House chief of staff, said one Republican who recently discussed the vice presidential issue with Trump in passing.

“Don’t rule out a consigliere lane for vice president, a Meadows-type,” the source said. “There were times when Pence occupied that role. No one wants to admit it now. But I observed it. But obviously Jan. 6 changed everything in that relationship.”

Meadows, the former Republican House Freedom Caucus Leader and former Chief of Staff for President Trump, was appointed to the Humpty Dumpty Institute Congressional Advisory Board in 2013, and served in this role as recently as April 2019.

The HDI, once run by the brother of late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, has managed to stay largely out of the news despite its ties to the United Nations, US State Department, several members of Congress, global elite, and Chinese Communist Party – as seen in the case of their Beijing-headquartered partner known as the Taihe Institute.

National File previously reported that the HDI was present at four “Taihe Civilizations Forums” located in Beijing in 201720182019, and 2020. Former Mission to US Embassy to the Holy See Deputy Chief and HDI Executive Director Joseph Merante, as well as HDI Associate Director Morgan DeNicola were photographed at the 2017 Taihe Global Civilizations Forum.

In fact, the HDI listed Meadows as a board member in 2018, the same year that a bizarre video was launched by the Taihe Institute promoting their 2018 Civilizations Forum – which the HDI attended.

Taihe Institute Senior Fellows – Former Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Commissar and Major General Lei Zhitian, Former CPPCC National Committee member Gu Boping, former World Military and China Army Editor-in-Chief Chen Hu, World Economic Forum (WEF) Associate Director Thorsten Jelinek, PLA Air Force (PLAAF) Group Captain Wang Haili, Graduate School at National Defence University of People’s Liberation Army Associate Dean Quan Yong, China Research Society of Sun Tzu’s Art of War Executive Director Xue Guoan, 12th CPPCC National Committee member Yu Hongjun, Former Xinhua North America Regional Bureau Director Zeng Hu, Perfect World Group Founder and Chairman Chi Yufeng, and Cyberspace Administration of China Vice Director (CAC) Peng Bo.

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Former HDI Advisory Board Member Mark Meadows and his wife Debbie alongside Dr. Al Khalafalla, Chairman of the Humpty Dumpty Institute who travels to Communist China to fraternize with CCP officials at the birthplace of Mao Zedong.

National File has discovered that the Taihe Institute, headed by several Chinese Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army officials, claims to have “research centers” operating within the United States, according to their website.

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