POLL: Almost 50% of Democrats Want Unvaccinated Thrown into Camps, Jail Time for Anyone Who Questions Jabs

A new poll has revealed that almost half of Democrats want unvaccinated people put into “designated facilities,” along with the jailing anyone who questions the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines.

The poll, conducted by Rasmussen on behalf of the Heartland Institute, showed that most Americans reject the plans put forward by the Biden administration to tackle the pandemic.

“Almost half of likely voters oppose President Biden’s vaccine mandates, which seem less about stopping the spread of COVID-19 and more about increasing the power of the federal government,” said Chris Talgo, a senior editor and research fellow at The Heartland Institute.

“When asked about several other potential strategies… the consensus among likely voters is that the federal government should do less, not more,” Talgo noted, adding that 48% of Americans now have an unfavorable opinion of lockdown enthusiast Anthony Fauci.

However, around half of Democrats want radical policies put in place to force vaccines onto Americans, and crackdowns against anyone who dissents. While 78% of Democrats are unsurprisingly supportive of the basic vaccine mandate, 55% of them want Americans fined if they choose not to take the COVID-19 jab, as opposed to only 19% of Republicans.

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59% of Democrats want a new program to ensure that unvaccinated Americans are locked up inside of their homes except for emergencies, with 47% of them wanting them to be tracked digitally to ensure they don’t break the rules.

Anyone who dares to question the efficacy of the vaccine, whether they’re broadcasting their opinions on television and radio, or simply on social media, would be imprisoned or fined by federal or state governments, if 45% of Democrats got their way.

A further 45% of Democrats will not be satisfied until the unvaxxed are forced into “designated facilities or locations” unless they take the jab, something 71% of all voters are strongly opposed to. A smaller percentage of Democrats, 29%, want the state to steal custody away from the parents of children if they refuse to take the vaccine, regardless of the vaccination status of the children themselves.

The poll follows the Supreme Court ruling from last week, which declared that the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate for businesses with over 100 employees was unconstitutional, but that a separate mandate for healthcare workers could be enforced.

An Israeli trial on Monday confirmed that a fourth booster shot was also “not good enough” in combating the Omicron variant of COVID-19, with one of the country’s top vaccine advisors noting this week that natural immunity gives people much better protection “than the vaccine.”

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