Poll: Large Majority Says Russia Would Not Have Invaded Under Trump

A recent poll concerning Russia and its invasion of Ukraine indicates that a massive majority of American voters believe the two nations would be at peace if 45th President Donald J. Trump was in office today, with an additional majority of voters blaming the situation on Biden’s weakness.

The poll, conducted by the left-leaning Harvard Center for American Political Studies (CAPS), found that a whopping 62% of American voters surveyed believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have invaded his Ukrainian neighbors were Trump still in office today.

When that data is expanded on, the pro-Trump sentiment was felt by a whopping 85% of Republican poll respondents, but also by a large 38% slice of Democrats, exposing a massive crack in Biden’s foundation of support, if his own party’s supporters feel they’d be better off relying on Trump to run foreign policy.

Additionally, Joe Biden is just a weak man, voters told the pollsters. Of those who responded to the Harvard CAPS Russia poll, which was conducted between February 23rd and 24th by surveying 2,026 registered voters, 59% of them said that Putin invaded Ukraine after sensing the “weakness” of Joe Biden, knowing that he could easily brush aside American leadership.

Putin has been said to have respected President Trump’s macho persona and no non-sense approach to foreign policy, especially when compared to his internationalist predecessors and successor, and the poll respondents seem to agree.

President Trump is the only 21st Century American President to have stopped Russia from expanding during his time in office, with Putin grabbing land under Bush, Obama, and Biden. In the late 1990s, as a relative newcomer on the global political scene, Putin is reported to have “walked all over” Bill Clinton, and other soft American officials, on a regular basis, taking many of them by surprise.

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine has played out, and left-wing Western leaders have warned of an impending fuel crisis, President Trump has been proven right on a number of foreign policy issues, especially in regard to energy, as America and the West quite literally fund Russia’s military machine, in absence of its own oil and gas supply. Having achieved energy independence under Trump, America’s oil and gas industry was canceled upon Biden and the Democrats coming to power, leaving America and Europe at the mercy of Russia’s embattled energy sector.

Biden’s failures haven’t gone without notice, despite the best efforts of America’s corporate news media. In addition to the Harvard CAPS poll, recent surveys of American voters have shown that Biden’s approval rating is hitting all time lows amidst the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and that a majority of voters are very worried about Biden’s mental state and apparent lack of mental capacity.