Pro-Abortion Activist Charged After Attacking Police With Homemade Flamethrower

Last Updated on June 29, 2022

Pro-abortion rioter Michael Ortiz was arrested in Los Angeles last weekend after allegedly using a homemade flamethrower to attack police. Ortiz, 30, was arrested during a violent pro-abortion demonstration on June 26.

Ortiz was one of several arrests made during the pro-abortion demonstration that soon devolved into a riot. The unrest broke out shortly after 8.20 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles, the LAPD said.

Ortiz is being charged with two felony assault counts upon a peace officer or firefighter after reportedly throwing a homemade flamethrower at a Los Angeles police officer.

The weapon consisted of a spray paint can and a lighter, which Ortiz hurled at police officers. He was carrying five cans of spray paint when he was arrested.

In addition, Ortiz has two prior convictions in 2016 for resisting an executive officer.

A number of others were arrested after the unrest erupted. Julia Bernado, 23, allegedly attempted to steal an officer’s baton and was also arrested, according to ABC 7 Los Angeles. Officers fired a rubber bullet at her shortly after the theft and she was soon taken into custody.

“I condemn the violence against officers that occurred last night and into today,” Chief Michel Moore said on June 27. “Individuals participating in such criminal activity are not exercising their 1st Amendment rights in protest of the Supreme Court decision, rather, they are acting as criminals.”

“The department will vigorously pursue prosecution of these individuals,” the chief added.

Large scale demonstrations broke out across the country in response to the Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe V. Wade. Segments of protests became violent in Los Angeles, New York and especially Portland, though widespread rioting did not spread across the country.

A number of pro-life organizations, pregnancy centers and Catholic Churches have been vandalized and firebombed following the ruling, however. “Jane’s Revenge,” a far-left extremist group, has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks.

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