Pro-Trans Republican Jen Kiggans Tries to Rebrand as a Conservative to Save Her Establishment-Backed Congressional Campaign

Pro-trans Republican Jen Kiggans is trying to rebrand herself as she runs for the GOP nomination to Congress in Virginia’s battleground 2nd District, filing a dead-on-arrival trans sports bill in the State Senate after losing the support of conservatives over her vote to open girls restrooms up to men and to help Democrats re-write Virginia law in their “trans-affirming” image.

Kiggans, who has been unable to re-write history and shake her reputation as a pro-trans Republican, is now looking to change the narrative in real time, filing a frivolous bill, SB 766, in the Democrat-controlled State Senate, that she says will save girls sports from men who claim to be transgender.

Sponsoring the bill was a safe move for Kiggans, who previously voted for the Virginia Values Act, opening girls’ restrooms up to men and forcing the adoption of “trans-affirming” school policies, like the ones that got three Loudoun County school girls raped by a “gender-fluid” male in a skirt. Because State Senate seats were not up for grabs during November’s red wave, the chamber is still controlled by Democrats, who have promised to form a “brick wall” to stop GOP legislation from even passing through committee, making it obvious that Kiggans knew from the start there was no real chance for her bill to become law and threaten the pro-trans agenda she’s already installed in Virginia.

Under Kiggans’ proposed SB 766, public schools and private schools that play in state-sponsored competitions would have to designate sports teams based on sex or list them as co-ed. Detractors of the bill say that even if it had become law, it would have done nothing to protect Virginia’s kids and their teams from the left-wing trans agenda as schools could theoretically begin designating their teams as co-ed, destroying both boys and girls sports. The bill, written in extremely vague terms, also failed to prevent biological females claiming to be transgender from joining boys’ sports teams, further subjecting little boys to humiliating locker room scenarios and failing to offer them the same protection as it claimed to offer girls.

At the start of her Congressional campaign, The Washington Post profiled Kiggans in a fawning piece that touted her as a centrist and a counterweight to America First conservatives within the Republican Party. At that time, Kiggans told The Post that she would emulate ex-GOP establishment Rep. Scott Taylor, who served one term in the 2nd District before twice losing to current Democrat incumbent Elaine Luria, endorsing vote by mail, and becoming embroiled in an election fraud scandal that saw his staff criminally convicted.

Scott Taylor also heavily supported the trans agenda as a member of Congress, being one of the few Republicans, alongside Kiggans-backer Elise Stefanik (R-NY) to support the pro-trans Equality Act, which is effectively a federal version of the Virginia Values Act that Kiggans supported at the state level.

Now, in a newer interview with The Post, Kiggans openly admits that she’s rebranding after hemorrhaging support for her campaign due to her pro-trans left-wing record, and is hoping to ride Glenn Youngkin’s coattails to victory.

The Post, frequent home of good press for incumbent Democrat Luria, seems happy to oblige Kiggans in her rebranding efforts, presenting her in typical uni-party establishment media fashion as a Republican who’s not as scary to cosmopolitan liberals as those from the America First movement and who won’t actually deliver any meaningful conservative legislation once she pulls the wool over the eyes of the voters. They also had no problem dinging Kiggans’ primary opponent, America First conservative Jarome Bell, who has quickly achieved front runner status. At one point, The Post even attempted to portray Bell as a white supremacist, while failing to mention that he is indeed a black man, running an America First Congressional campaign against a plethora of candidates from the white establishment.

Bell has been vocally critical of Kiggans throughout the campaign, exposing her for her left-wing voting record and promising to offer the 2nd District an America First voice in Congress who will never waiver on the safety and innocence of children or side with the radical left LGBT lobby against Virginia’s school kids.

In comments to National File, Bell doubled down on his pro-family, pro-child stances, and warned that Kiggans’ rebranding efforts are nothing more than short-term political trickery meant to earn back the trust of just enough voters to make it to Election Day and lose to Democrat Elaine Luria, in what is expected to be one of the most important races in the country if Republicans want to take back the House majority.

“Jen Kiggans is desperate to rebrand herself as a pro-family conservative after she bet on the wrong horse and thought that phony left-wing gender science would carry her to Congress. In the process, she made schools, of all places, more dangerous for our little girls, and helped make policy that led to their repeated rape in Loudoun County,” Bell said.

“Jen Kiggans sided with the radical left and permanently changed the code of Virginia to reflect the values of the trans lobby, not those of actual Virginians, who have revolted against her and her left-wing establishment allies.”

“The genie is out of the bottle, and once it’s out, it’s hard to put back in,” continued Bell. “No amount of frivolous, dead-on-arrival bills in Richmond, that do nothing to protect our kids from the pro-trans left, will ever change the fact that she turned her back on Virginia’s children. The voters will never forgive her, which is why they’re flocking to my campaign – to send America First, family values to Washington and protect our children from Jen Kiggans’ radical, anti-family and pro-trans agenda.”

As for Kiggans hiding behind failed legislation to change her stripes, Bell told National File that it goes to show exactly the type of establishment-backed, career politician that she is. If elected to Congress, Jarome Bell says that voters will know from day one what they’re going to get, and that his views won’t change with the day’s political wind or under the instruction of the consultant class.

“America doesn’t need someone like that in Congress; their feckless, self-serving dishonesty is what got us into this mess in the first place,” Bell said. “Jen Kiggans touts her experience as a nurse on the campaign trail, but when it came time to back up the biological truth that boys are boys and girls are girls, she joined with Democrats to turn the most basic science on its head and throw our children’s schools into chaos.”

“You may not like where I stand on a given issue,” he continued, “but unlike with Jen Kiggans, and Scott Taylor before her, you’ll always know where I stand and it won’t change depending on who I’m talking to.”

National File has repeatedly reached out to Senator Kiggans for comments on her support for the left’s pro-trans agenda and other initiatives that have put her so at odds with the Republican Party’s conservative base, but has received no response.

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