Rep. Gosar Destroys Deep State Attacks to Win Re-Election in Arizona

Last Updated on August 4, 2022

America First Rep. Paul Gosar destroyed the deep state attacks on his re-election campaign for Congress in Arizona, beating out a slate of primary race challengers and taking home a whopping 65% of the vote in the state’s new 9th District.

Incumbent Representative Paul Gosar won the GOP Primary in Arizona’s new 9th District to secure his re-election to Congress, joining a host of fellow Trump-endorsed candidates in knocking out deep state attacks on the America First movement when Arizonans went to the polls on Tuesday.

Gosar currently represents Arizona’s 4th District in DC, but saw his territory changed dramatically by Arizona’s “independent” redistricting commission ahead of this year’s elections, moving him to a newly drawn ninth. The new district boundaries excluded Gosar’s conservative base county, Yavapai, and added roughly 200,000 urban voters in West Phoenix to his constituency, something the uni-party establishment and their media allies openly hoped would bring about an end to Gosar’s congressional career.

Along with a shady redistricting effort, uni-party politicians in DC moved against Gosar on Capitol Hill to weaken his incumbency and drive one of the America First movement’s most consequential leaders from Congress.

When Democrats led a censure vote against Gosar and stripped him of his committee assignments, something they boasted would bring about a surefire end to his Congressional career, establishment Republicans like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney joined them.

Though Democrats cited an internet cartoon shared by Gosar on Twitter as their reason for censuring him, bizarrely claiming that it was a threat to Joe Biden and AOC, Kinzinger says that he voted to censure Gosar for a different reason entirely. According to Kinzinger, he wanted to send a message to his colleagues who “spread and perpetuate dangerous conspiracies” by championing election integrity.

Gosar has also faced attacks from the likes of China-tied Mitch McConnell and House GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy, who cowered to Democrats and called on President Trump to resign.

In a total move of desperation, Democrats filed a lawsuit to keep Gosar off the ballot. That case went all the way to the Arizona Supreme Court, where Gosar triumphed.

As both sides of the political establishment ran never-ending attacks on Rep. Gosar, which came as a direct result of his America First and election integrity activism, a group of 33 corporations began meddling in the situation as well, publicly opposing Rep. Gosar and vowing to not donate to his campaign. Among them were big names like Airbnb and American Express.

Together, Democrats, Republicans, and corporations were all working to snuff out a duly elected U.S. representative.

In this week’s 4-candidate GOP Primary, Rep. Paul Gosar triumphed once more, walking away with over 65% support and defeating his nearest challenger by a margin of over 40,000 votes. Gosar earned more support than all three of his challengers combined.

Speaking with National File, Rep. Gosar celebrated his crushing defeat of the radical left and the establishment, remarking that despite their political trickery and constant attacks, the people of Arizona know what kind of man he is.

“The leftists and the establishment pulled every trick to stop me from coming back,” Gosar told National File. “The people of Arizona know what a truly principled man I am. My voting record establishes I am a man of my word and not afraid to stand for what’s right.”

“It’s an honor to represent the people and I am not done fighting to restore this once great nation,” Rep. Gosar went on in telling National File, vowing to continue to fight to fight for the American people in DC, against both sides of the uni-party establishment.

Because no Democrat candidates qualified for the November ballot in the deep red district, Gosar is among the first to punch his ticket to the 118th Congress, a fact he celebrated in a post on Twitter.

“The 118th Congress is coming,” Gosar tweeted. “Mark my words: America First will be back. With a vengeance.”

In a subsequent Tweet, Gosar took aim at the globalist backings of his vanquished opponents and the uni-party establishment that has now spent years obsessing over removing him from DC – failing each time.

“The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer,” Gosar wrote. “The future does not belong to globalists – the future belongs to American patriots. The future is America First.”

The forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no longer.

The future does not belong to globalists — the future belongs to American patriots.

The future is America First.

— Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS (@RepGosar) August 3, 2022

Alongside Rep. Gosar, a host of Trump-endorsed America First candidates won their GOP primary races across Arizona this week.

In the State Senate, Arizona Audit champion Wendy Rogers handily defeated an establishment-backed opponent while Kari Lake and Mark Finchem pulled off huge victories to secure the nominations for Governor and Secretary of State. In the US Senate primary, Trump-endorsed Blake Masters beat out a field of four other candidates to win by a convincing double-digit margin.